Find X2 Pro starts selling new colors in elegant gray tomorrow, Lamborghini also welcomes its first sale

At 10 am on March 24th, the Find X2 Pro will be available in elegant grey leather. Find X2 Pro Ya gray new color and Find X2 Pro Lamborghini custom version will also be launched on the first sale, currently available in the OPPO official mall, Jingdong and other platforms in advance to make an appointment.

You can book the Find X2 Pro elegant grey version in advance for only 0 yuan, and enjoy 24 interest-free benefits. Find X2 Pro Lamborghini edition can enjoy the above-mentioned discounts, as well as exclusive gifts and services such as OPPO Watch 46mm black, OPPO Care + Lamborghini edition.

Find X2 Pro's new gray color is made of plain leather, which is completely different from the mainstream glass body. The plain leather material can bring a different sense of refinement and has a very high degree of recognition. In terms of feel, the plain leather material can bring a delicate touch, and it can also provide sufficient friction when holding it, so you don't have to worry about slipping.

In the 5G era, more antennas, larger capacity batteries, etc. will occupy more internal space of the mobile phone, and it is not easy to ensure the thinness and thinness of 5G mobile phones. Find X2 Pro is equipped with various flagship configurations, but also can control the weight of the whole machine in an excellent range. The plain leather material plays a larger role, which can better balance lightness and mobile phone texture. It is worth mentioning that the Find X2 Pro also supports IP68 level dust and water resistance, which is more assured for daily use.

Find X2 Pro Ya gray is a new color, the overall style of the Ya gray color is more low-key, and the color matching on the back logo and middle frame has been adjusted accordingly. The overall match is very harmonious, which can bring different visual effects and is more suitable. Friends who like low-key style. Find X2 Pro also provides more vibrant tea orange color options, which is also made of plain leather.

On March 24th, the customized version of Find X2 Pro Lamborghini will also start its first sale. Find X2 Pro Lamborghini Custom Edition uses hot forged glass technology to simulate the aerodynamic lines and three-dimensional light and shadow of the sports car, while achieving three-dimensional tough visual effects, it can also ensure a smooth feel.

The technical carbon fiber texture is also added to the back, which is realized by a four-layer superposition process, which brings a rich sense of visual depth. The rear camera module is embellished with Lamborghini's classic hexagonal design language, and of course the exquisite Lamborghini Logo is also on the back.

Find X2 Pro Lamborghini Edition as a joint product also has a full set of custom accessories, including microfiber black gold splicing protective case, wireless Bluetooth headset, 65W super flash charger, data cable, car super flash charger and other full set of accessories are carefully crafted by Lamborghini. In addition, ColorOS 7.1 deeply customizes the super running theme, and the supporting experience is more complete.

Tomorrow, Find X2 Pro will be officially launched for sale. It has three colors: elegant gray (plain leather material), tea orange (plain leather material), and satin black (ceramic material). The price is 6999 yuan (USD $1000) (12GB + 256GB). ). The custom version of Find X2 Pro Lamborghini will also be sold for the first time, priced at 12,999 yuan (USD $1857) (12GB + 512GB). Currently, reservations can be made on major platforms in advance.