First Kirin 820 5G! Honor 30S detailed evaluation: performance is still king

On the evening of March 30, Honor 30S was officially released. This is also the first official conference held by Honor Mobile in 2020, which is also online. As the leading player of the Honor Digital Series, the Honor 30S plays an important role in terms of product power. The most eye-catching bright spot of this machine is undoubtedly the first Kirin 820 chip. Presumably many people must remember the highlight moment of Kirin 810 with 7nm process last year. How did Kirin 820 and Honor 30S perform this year? Come on, the evaluation begins.

Design: The texture of the butterfly feather is upgraded again, this time it can be "moved"

Before caring about the performance of the Kirin 820, let's first understand the design of the Honor 30S. After all, the value is the driving force for consumers to buy a machine. The Honor Digital series is positioned to be beautiful. The design language of the Honor 30S continues the design concept of the previously recognized butterfly feather texture on the Honor 20S. Based on this, the technology is upgraded to create a dream 3D butterfly feather light effect. Simply speaking, the "butterfly" on the back of the fuselage is more agile and three-dimensional.

The process implemented is a bit complicated. The first is to print the ink filled with gradient colors on the first layer of film inside the back cover, and introduce a second layer of PET film, and then use diffractive texture technology to pass through dozens of rounds of fine engraving on the transparent film. The ultra-fine texture refracts and diffracts light, causing the entire diaphragm to bloom with a dream light pattern change. Finally, it is packaged with a large arc 3D curved glass.

This multi-layer structure + complex technology finally achieves a very dreamy color effect under the light. The butterfly feather white is evaluated in this article. At first glance, it looks like transparent white, but if you change the angle slightly, you will find local gradients of various colors, which is difficult to describe in words. In addition, there are Butterfly Fei Cui and Fantasy Night Black. From the renderings, these two colors will be more restrained, mysterious and noble.

Screen: Phantom Eye full screen, screen ratio 90.3%

Honor 30S uses a 6.5-inch full-screen glamorous screen with a resolution of 2400×1080 and a flat LCD screen with a screen ratio of 90.3%. The position of the opening is closer to the upper left corner, so as not to interfere with the user's sight. The screen brightness is 450nit, the NTSC color gamut is 96%, it supports HDR10 and movie color matching technology, and it is matched with the side physical fingerprint unlock. I believe everyone is familiar with this set of schemes. They have been used on many Honor flagship models, and have been tested by the market and are very useful and durable. I won't go into too much detail here.

Performance: How strong is Kirin 820?

You must understand the basic architecture and upgrades of Kirin 820 before performance evaluation. The same as Kirin 810 is that Kirin 820 still uses 7nm process, which is consistent with the top flagship chip. But the difference is that Kirin 820 is the first 5G SoC of the Kirin 8 series. It uses integrated 5G baseband technology and supports NSA / SA full-band 5G communication. The theoretical peak peak rate of 5G NR is 2.9Gbps and the theoretical peak peak rate of 5G NR is 1.2Gbps.

The Kirin 820 5G CPU uses an 8-core architecture with 1 large core + 3 medium cores + 4 small cores, and is equipped with a custom Mali-G57 6-core GPU. The NPU is still a bright spot. It is reported that the new generation of NPU adopting Huawei's self-developed architecture is the top performance in terms of computing power.

After talking about the technical details of so many cores, we still have to go to the running sub-link where the masses love it. In the latest version of the AnTuTu test software, the Honor 30S (engineering machine) scored more than 380,000 points. This score has a very clear performance advantage over competing products in the same positioning. Has the new generation of "God U" slowly drifted past? Of course, running points is only an insignificant aspect. The focus is on experience. Next, we use games to test how capable the Kirin 820 5G chip is.

Game settings

King of Honor frame rate curve

The first is the test of the highest quality of the Honor of the king, the result is as full as expected 60 FPS full frame runs almost full frame. The frame rate curve generated by the test software is very straight, and the comprehensive frame rate result is infinitely close to the full frame. The experience of the game itself is also not the slightest level of stuttering.

Game settings

Compared with King Honor, Peace Elite has higher requirements for mobile phone performance, and this time we chose a version with a full frame of 60 frames to test the performance of Honor 30S and Kirin 820.

The Peace Elite HDR high-definition quality is fully opened. The test software gives an average of 59.5FPS. This data is very good, and the overall is very stable from the fluctuation curve. There is no perceptible card during the game test. And the temperature control in the process is also very ideal, there is no situation of local overheating leading to performance degradation. You should know that this is a 60-frame version of the Peace Elite. Generally, the commonly downloaded version is 30 frames.

It can be seen that Kirin 820 5G is getting better and better in overall performance, especially GPU. Judging from the actual performance, the current mainstream games are a piece of cake for the Kirin 820 5G chip carried by the Honor 30S. Moreover, we must know that this is just the commercial use of the Kirin 820, and the Honor 30S is only an engineering machine system. It is believed that the performance of the OTA upgrade, performance, power consumption and heat generation will be even better in the future.

Charging and endurance: half an hour can be used for about one day

The Honor 30S is equipped with a large 4000mAh battery. The following is a standard battery life test. After 30 minutes of medium and high-intensity testing, 30 minutes of King Honor, 30 minutes of Peace Elite, 30 minutes of Douyin, 30 minutes of Weibo, and one hour of 1080P online video playback, the remaining power is 57%, and the screen can be continuously bright for normal intensity use 8 hours, guaranteeing a full day of battery life is still very easy.

Endurance test

Charging test

The Honor 30S is equipped with a 40W high-power charger. You are not mistaken that it is a 40W super fast charge and has been certified by Rheinland. I am afraid that this will make many top flagships envy. In actual tests, it charges 67% in 30 minutes, 95% in 40 minutes, and is fully charged in 46 minutes. Combined with the overall endurance performance of the Honor 30S, a half-hour daily charge can almost use it for a day. If it is full of heavy users, it will not be too stressful for one day.

Camera: Ultra-clear and clear, and 3x optical zoom

The camera test is also the traditional advantage of Huawei and Honor phones. Honor 30S rear camera combination is 64 million super clear main camera + 8 million telephoto lens + 8 million ultra wide-angle lens + 2 million macro lens.

At the core, the Honor 30S's strategy is the same as Huawei's, which is to increase the size of the main camera sensor and a new increase focal lens. The main camera ultra-clear lens of the Honor 30S uses a large 1 / 1.7-inch sensor, which is about 35% larger than the 1 / 2.3-inch 48 million sensor commonly used in the same price competition. Larger sensor sizes provide greater daylighting capabilities. At the same time, the Honor 30S supports the Quad Bayer algorithm. The outsole Sensor brings higher dynamic range, low noise, and richer colors and details.

In addition to sensors, the flagship Kirin ISP 5.0 included in the Kirin 820 also has important help for imaging. It supports the BM3D algorithm only supported by ordinary SLR cameras, and the dark light noise reduction effect has been significantly improved. In addition, the powerful computing power of the NPU will also allow the camera to perform well in AI algorithms, which can be specifically reflected in scene recognition, color correction, portrait matting, etc.

The following enters the proof evaluation link.

64 megapixel ultra-clear proofs

Local zoom of ultra-clear samples

This photo can test the main camera resolution of the Honor 30S. The effect of local magnification in the shooting of long-distance large scenes is still very clear overall. High-resolution ultra-clear images allow users to do more crop creation in the later stages.

Honor 30S main night view

iPhone 11 Pro Max night scene

Another advantage of the outsole sensor is night shooting. Some people say that there should be a night look at night, and this is also a trial on the Honor 30S. Honor 30S's night mode imaging is not referred to as "stupid bright", but to retain the overall style of the night, just to brighten details of local dark light. The noise control will be significantly better, the picture will look more pure, and the colors will be more transparent.

Honor 30S main camera 1x

Honor 30S telephoto 3x optics

Honor 30S telephoto 5x hybrid zoom

Honor 30S telephoto 20x digital zoom

Honor 30S telephoto 20x digital zoom

The Honor 30S telephoto lens is 3x optical, 5x hybrid, and up to 20x digital. Nothing higher, on the one hand, to leave room for higher-end flagship mobile phones, and on the other hand, to ensure the picture quality. 3x optics is undoubtedly the clearest and best quality focal length.

The details of the 20x digital zoom have a certain smearing and sharpening effect, but the overall picture can also be grasped. If you pull further, although you have a gimmick, you can't actually go to photography. The telephoto strategy of the Honor 30S is more pragmatic. In addition, the telephoto small window preview mode is well received.

The front camera has 16 million pixels and a single pixel area is 1 micron. Support AI beauty scheme, this set of algorithms is mainly to improve the face's oily, dark light details, remove stains, improve facial fluctuations, and make the skin more natural. In addition, it also supports portrait super night scene mode, and some high-end flagships' functions have begun to be decentralized to the Honor 30S. However, the time relationship (plus no good-looking younger sister) did not shoot specific samples.

to sum up

Summarize some small details not mentioned in the review before. For example, the Honor 30S comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack as standard and supports 5G dual-card dual standby (including VoLTE calls, the secondary card can also receive call notifications, other friends do not support), the actual measured weight of the whole machine is about 191g (Unofficial data).

Since the Honor 20S is equipped with the Kirin 810, the strategy of the Honor mobile phone on the mid-range flagship has changed, and it has become more fierce and more aggressive, perhaps also practicing the "Zhaofeng Zhijincao" of President Zhao Ming. Now that the Honor 30S debuts and launches the Kirin 820 5G, it continues this fast and accurate play.

Compared with the top flagships, the competition for mid-range mobile phones is more fierce in terms of shipments. Manufacturers must come up with products that are sufficiently leading and sincere in order to better impress users and pay for them. Honor 30S's card is comprehensive performance, 5G performance and camera capabilities, and these are wrapped under the tide of beauty, and on the Kirin 820, you can continue to see the strategy of deploying AI. From the product, the Honor 30S can stand up as the leading gun of the digital series, and then it depends on the market performance.