First sale today! Enjoy Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g

Not long ago, Samsung officially released the Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g mobile phone, which brings performance and appearance upgrades compared with the previous generation products. On August 7, Samsung’s Galaxy Z flip 5g went on sale for the first time. Samsung also organized a new machine tasting meeting, so we were lucky to experience this mobile phone in advance.

Compared with the previous generation products, Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g not only continues the gene of the previous trend, but also improves the texture in appearance. This time, the Ag frosting process is used to create the fuselage shell. The exquisite frosting texture not only improves the hand feel, but also improves the quality of the whole mobile phone. In addition, this time, Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g also brings two colors of cold mountain grey and misty gold, showing elegant temperament.

In terms of configuration, Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g is equipped with snapdragon 865 + processor, and its performance is much better than that of snapdragon 865. Moreover, with the snapdragon 865 + processor, Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g also supports WiFi 6 and dual-mode 5g network, which can be said to give users the strongest performance experience.

Of course, the biggest concern for Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g must be the folding feature. Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g uses German Schott 30 μ m changeable glass to make the screen folding. At the same time, Samsung adopts the hanging hinge design in the hinge part, which can stop at any position, so as to improve the playability. In the hinge part, the dust-proof design is also added. The reliability of turning over 200000 times is completely unnecessary to worry about.

At the tasting meeting, it was also officially announced that the famous actor serenity would become the Samsung mobile phone brand ambassador.

Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g represents the pinnacle of mobile phone design and technology. The combination of fashionable appearance and top-level performance configuration brings about a better experience. Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g is a folding screen mobile phone with high degree of completion. It also gives full play to the advantages of folding screen. Its compact design and exquisite appearance should be very popular with young people.