Fitbit charge 4 smart Band experience: “strong business capability”

It’s Fitbit charge 4.

As a boy who likes to do sports in the evening, it’s really cumbersome to carry a mobile phone with him every time he exercises. For example, when he runs, it’s really troublesome to take out his mobile phone to look at it. But the Band only needs to raise his hand to see the time, heart rate and steps. It’s really convenient. Moreover, with the Band, you can go out for a run without your mobile phone, and your running will be more focused.

Why Fitbit charge 4? For the world’s largest smart Band manufacturer, Fitbit positioning straddles the field of sports and fashion. The appearance of the new Fitbit charge 4 doesn’t really suit my taste. In addition, the professional all-weather heart rate monitoring, all day exercise recording, sleep monitoring, built-in GPS and other highlights, it’s just a four digit Band. I’ll buy it!

Of course, I have also considered the apple watch. At present, I have never used the apple watch in Apple’s popular devices. However, in order to record daily exercise and sleep, I think Fitbit charge 4 is more convenient than the apple watch. After all, with GPS on, there are five days of standby time, so you don’t need to recharge when you’re sitting.


Fitbit charge 4 has a high degree of recognition. The OLED square dial and the silica gel strap with rib pattern are integrated with nano molding technology, which is lightweight and waterproof. It is full of portable sports style.

Sure enough, it’s a four digit Band. It won’t feel like a hundred yuan Band.

In terms of screen, Fitbit charge 4 has a small size, a small display area, and a general resolution. It still has a grain like feel. It supports wrist lifting and double-click to highlight the screen. However, its brightness is the real top, it can be adjusted automatically, and it can be seen clearly when it is taken out during the day.

Fitbit charge 4 is available in black, rosewood, storm blue and limited edition granite reflective woven strap. I choose storm blue here. The strap is detachable and can be removed by pressing the key on the strap. A spare strap is also attached.