Five mobile games help together Tencent Black Shark 327 Jingdong Super Gift Day Gift

On March 27th, the highly anticipated 「Tencent Games」 and the Black Shark JD Super Brand Day will be officially launched. Not only 「Tencent Black Shark Game Phone 3 Pro」 Cross-FireWire mobile game limited custom version of the value-added snap, and 5 well-known games carefully prepared a large wave of exclusive benefits, for game lovers is undoubtedly a rare feast of the year.

As a fist product created by Tencent Games and Black Shark Technology, the Tencent Black Shark Game Phone 3 Pro has won praise from the media and users since its launch. The 620,000+ score has become an absolute force in the current mobile phone market. The benchmark of performance, sincerity in price, has become the cost-effective role of a number of 5G flagships, and sales have continued to rise, winning the nickname of "game magic machine" and "upper sharpener" from the majority of players.

In terms of traditional black shark strengths such as performance, control, screen, sound quality, and lighting effects, the brand-new Tencent Black Shark gaming phone 3Pro 」has been substantially upgraded. Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 flagship chip, a "sandwich" liquid cooling system that can compete with desktop computers, and a 65W ultra-fast flash charge technology that can be fully filled with a 5000mAh large battery in 38 minutes, forming a super-powerful iron triangle with performance, heat dissipation and endurance. Let the power of Tencent's Black Shark gaming phone 3Pro 」reach unprecedented heights.

The 7.1-inch ultra-large screen has the industry's highest touch sampling rate of 270Hz. The game screen has key scenes such as startup, loading, and teamfights. 」Tencent Games」 SolarCore Performance Engine 2.0 optimized blessing, the highest picture quality output throughout the frame, so that Players enjoy the picturesque visual feast of team battles in the thrill of fast operation.

What's more bright for the players is that the Tencent Black Shark Gaming Phone 3 Pro 设计 specially designed lift mechanical buttons, which intimately restores the feel and control experience comparable to the console handle. Players can easily play the "four" with simple settings. "Finger linkage" and other high-end operations.

Based on the powerful performance that has made players excited, this time, the 327 super brand not only launched a limited customized version of the Cross Fire Mobile Games, but also pulled the Cross Fire Mobile Games (CFM), Contra, and Tianlongba at one time. Department, Naruto, Ace Warrior and other well-known game IP, for all users who purchase the Pro version of great value!

For example, Tencent Games ’self-developed hot-blooded shooting mobile game「 Ace Warrior 」, in addition to the 3-day limited-time experience of hero Axia, has also prepared brass, steel, and random war preparation supplies gift packages, allowing players to experience a more heart-warming battle Pleasure.

The country's premier classic martial arts mobile game 龙 天龙八部 」, for the martial arts enthusiasts prepared tied yuan, level 3 gem treasure chest, 7-day flame Warcraft mount, and additional items such as dart order, five-color god stone Lottery opportunities to help players walk more smoothly.

In the first mobile game of 」Naruto」, with the benefits of Mystic Dust, Ninja, and Prestige in hand, players can upgrade artifacts, psychic beasts, and better guard Muye Village together ~

Entering 2020, ushering in the 5G replacement boom, Tencent Games and Black Shark Technology ’s Super Brand Day is really coming in time. As the world's first 5G gaming flagship, the Tencent Black Shark gaming phone 3 Pro has been locked by many players as the first choice of replacement. Encountering this wave of customized mobile phones plus exclusive benefits, it can be said that it is the best time to start. The annual Super Brand Day, if you miss it, you have to wait another year. Players may wish to set up a reminder to avoid missing opportunities!