Flagship exposure of 200W fast charging combination: Xiaomi 11 Pro may be launched for the first time

On December 28 last year, Xiaomi Mi 11 made its world premiere of the Snapdragon 888 flagship processor, marking a good start for the brand new 2021. Although Mi 11 is a very comprehensive flagship mobile phone, everyone is obviously looking forward to the super-large version of Mi 11-Mi 11 Pro. There are a lot of reports from the outside world that this new machine has undergone significant upgrades in terms of imaging and fast charging, and it is a true flagship of Xiaomi.

On the morning of January 28, the well-known blogger @数码闲聊站 released a Weibo report that a flagship mobile phone with a wired + wireless + reverse charging combination of 200W will be unveiled in the near future. At present, manufacturers that value fast charging technology on the market include Xiaomi, vivo, etc. They have already launched mobile phones equipped with 120W fast charging, and are also developing faster charging technology.

In fact, as early as August last year, @数码闲聊站 revealed that Xiaomi’s flagship mobile phone will achieve new breakthroughs in 2021, and the laboratory has completed wired + wireless + reverse to 200W. Therefore, combining all the information points, the first flagship device with a fast charging system (wired + wireless + reverse) reaching 200W level in @数码闲聊站口 should be Xiaomi 11 Pro.

It is reported that, as the super cup of the Xiaomi 11 series, the Xiaomi 11 Pro is expected to be launched in March this year when the Xiaomi 11 standard version has been released. In addition to upgrading the fast charging system, Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro is also equipped with the strongest imaging system in Xiaomi’s history, using a four-camera solution, and the periscope telephoto lens will support 120X zoom. According to the news, it also uses a 2K+120Hz four-curved display screen, which is worth looking forward to.