Folding screen cost is too high

Today, folding screen mobile phones are already one of the development directions of high-end models, and Huawei and Samsung are leaders in the field of folding screen mobile phones. Although the Mate Xs released by Huawei this year is priced at 16999 yuan (USD $2428) , it is still difficult to find.

Huawei President Yu Chengdong said, "The cost of such products is very high, and we are still losing money. The cost is so high that you cannot believe that there is no way to make a profit." Of course, facing consumer demand, Yu Chengdong also said: "Mate Xs market The demand is huge and we are continuing to expand production to increase shipments. "

Compared with the previous generation folding screen mobile phone Mate X, Mate Xs has upgraded the chip, battery life, and hinge, and the hardware has been improved to a certain extent. In terms of functions, Mate Xs provides new functions such as smart split screen and floating window, which can further improve the user experience. ,

Faced with the price issue that consumers are most concerned about, Yu Chengdong said in an interview with foreign media, "I think we need more than a year, about one and a half or two years, and the price of a foldable phone will be about the same as an ordinary mobile phone. . "