Follow Apple? LG: No charger will be given during G8X promotion

The hot product in the digital circle recently is undoubtedly the iPhone 12 series that Apple just released. As Apple's first 5G model, the iPhone 12 series has been affecting consumers' hearts since the beginning of this year. However, the iPhone 12 series still has some dissatisfaction with consumers, such as changing to C to L port, but canceling the charger, making consumers worry about whether it will become a trend to cancel the charger. Sure enough, LG has recently imitated Apple.

Last year, LG released a flagship phone with the model LG G8X, which is equipped with a Snapdragon 865 processor, 6GB of running memory, 128GB of storage, and a 6.4-inch OLED FHD+ screen. In terms of shooting, LG G8X is equipped with a 12-megapixel main camera + 13-megapixel ultra-wide angle. This phone also supports IP68 waterproof, 4000mAh battery, and 21W fast charge.

The initial price of this phone is 49,999 rupees (approximately 4,600 yuan (USD $657) ), and it is currently priced at 54990 rupees (approximately 5,000 yuan (USD $714) ) on Flipkart. Recently, LG officially stated that starting from October 16th, LG G8X will be sold at a reduced price, users only need 19,999 rupees (about 1,800 yuan (USD $257) ), but during the promotion period, LG G8X will not give away chargers, and additional chargers will be purchased Need 2,000 rupees (about 180 yuan (USD $26) ).

Although the price of 1,800 yuan (USD $257) is still relatively good after the charger is not given away, it also makes consumers worry about whether more manufacturers will start not giving away chargers. However, for consumers, the important thing is not whether to give away the charger, but whether the price of the mobile phone can really come down without giving away the charger.