Follow the flagship! The Redmi Note9 series has a 120Hz screen and linear motor

Chivalrous arena, what must there be? Redmi officially stated that there must be “pursuits.” The details best reflect the pursuit of a mobile phone in experience. Redmi officially stated that the Note9 series not only has a “seeing is believing” 120Hz screen, but the invisible linear motor is also doing well. In addition, the Redmi Note9 series, which is in line with the flagship, also comes standard with a certain function.

Redmi Note9系列有120Hz屏幕
The Redmi Note9 series has a 120Hz screen

But for this function, Redmi official did not directly indicate. Only four horizontal bars are listed, allowing netizens to guess. In this way, some netizens ridiculed that it is “standard charger for all series.” God comments caused many netizens to worship and praise. In addition, some netizens guessed that “the whole system is equipped with dual speakers as standard”, and the word count is in line with the official prompt.

Netizen comment screenshot

Judging from the positioning of the Redmi Note9 series of thousand-yuan phones, the target population of this series of mobile phones is mainly students, middle-aged and elderly people and other people. Therefore, the Redmi Note series models are generally equipped with large-capacity batteries, large screens and speakers. In this way, the Redmi Note9 series standard dual speakers are likely to be the correct answer.