Follow-up S1 Pocket Phone PTZ and "Olympic Dream Team" prepare for Tokyo and go to the world

On July 5th, the press conference of S1·China National Table Tennis Team Olympic Warm-up Match was held in Nanhai New District, Weihai. He Xiao, Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Table Tennis Association, Fu Lei and Sun Chao, leaders of the Weihai Nanhai New District Government, former Olympic champions and current Nanhai Table Tennis Training Base Management Co., Ltd. Chairman Wang Nan, Zhendi Technology Co., Ltd. founder and CEO Zheng Weifeng and other leaders Guests attended the meeting and gave wonderful speeches.

Tokyo jointly prepare for State ping Zaixuhuihuang

On July 23, the 32nd Olympic Games will open in Tokyo, Japan. It has won more than 100 world championships. The Chinese table tennis team with the title of “Chinese Olympic Dream Team” is about to go to Tokyo and embark on a journey of winning Honor for the country again. Follow-up S1. The Chinese National Table Tennis Team Olympic Warm-up Match is the last key event before the Tokyo Olympics. It includes all the main players of the National Table Tennis Team including Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Xu Xin, Chen Meng, Liu Shiwen, Sun Yingsha, etc. in Tokyo. More than 60 athletes will all participate in the competition to make final preparations for the Tokyo Olympics.

Table tennis, known as the “national ball”, has a pivotal position in the history of Chinese sports. The “Ping Pong Diplomacy” 50 years ago had an important impact on the breakthrough of Sino-US relations, and was hailed as “small ball pushing big ball”. Since Rong Guotuan won the first world championship in 1959, the Chinese table tennis team has been determined to forge ahead and worked hard. For more than 40 years, they have won more than 100 championships for the motherland. They are well-deserved champions and legends. division. As a high-tech company rooted in China, Zhendi Technology chose to join forces with the Chinese national table tennis team this time, because it has taken a fancy to the national table tennis team’s spirit of fearlessness, striving for the first and winning Honor for the country. . Inspired by the national table tennis spirit, the R&D personnel of Zhendi Technology are determined to innovate and strive for perfection, aiming to make the high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights such as the follow-up S1 go to the world, so that more people can experience and feel the “Chinese wisdom”. Surprise and shock brought about by “making”. During the press conference, on behalf of the organizer, Wang Nan presented the honorary plaque of the title sponsor of the event to Zheng Weifeng, the founder and CEO of Zhendi Technology.

Small and extraordinary, go to the world to win Honor for the country

Follow-up S1 is a new generation of pocket mobile phone platform launched by Zhendi Technology. It weighs only 298 grams and has a compact appearance. It can easily fit into a pocket or a bag and is very convenient to carry. Like ping pong, its small body contains an extraordinary amount of energy.

Follow-up S1 revolutionaryly integrates the four commonly used mobile phone auxiliary functions such as AI camera enhancement system, magnetic bracket ecosystem, charging system, and mobile phone case, which satisfies people’s daily anti-shake, editing, and charging during mobile phone use. , Support, protection and other aspects. At the same time, it is also the world’s smallest three-axis mechanical phone pan/tilt. It can provide excellent anti-shake and stabilization effects when shooting sports scenes such as table tennis, and presents a clearer, stable, and smooth picture effect, just like its Slogan said: small and extraordinary.

The brand name of Follow-up S1 is derived from its core function-AI full-scene intelligent follow-up shooting. In live broadcast, shooting and other scenes, the Follower S1 can intelligently identify the subject by AI algorithm, and lock and follow. Even if the subject is in motion, it can keep its moment in the center of the screen. Following the S1 China National Table Tennis Team Olympic warm-up match, Zhendi Technology organized many well-known sports, digital, and image talents from social platforms such as Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Station B, and Douyin. They Cheer for the national table tennis players at the scene, and use the follow-up S1 to live broadcast and record the game.

In order to let more people pay attention to the national table tennis and the Tokyo Olympics, Zhendi Technology launched the award-winning interactive activity “Follow S1·Three Quotes to Cheer the National Table Tennis” on the Weibo platform, soliciting everyone’s blessings for the national table tennis, and for Tokyo Cheer for the Olympic journey. At present, tens of thousands of netizens have participated in the activity. Together with the follow-up S1, we hope that the Chinese national table tennis team can continue their Honor in the journey of the Tokyo Olympics and win Honor for the country.

At the end of the press conference, He Xiao, Secretary-General of the Table Tennis Association, Wang Nan, Chairman of the Base, Fu Lei, Sun Chao, and Zheng Weifeng, the founder of Zhendi Technology, together with the leaders of the Nanhai New District Government in Weihai City. Take a group photo and wish the competition a complete success, and the trip to Tokyo of the national table tennis players will once again bring joy and Honor to the people of the country.