Following the example of Apple, LG decided not to include a charger for some models in the Indian market

The iPhone 12, released yesterday morning, once again became the hottest model in the digital circle, but there is one thing that is out of the circle, that is, the iPhone 12 series mobile phones no longer give away charging heads and wired headphones. According to Apple's official statement, this is for environmental protection, and this can reduce the carbon emissions of 450,000 vehicles driving for a year.

Regardless of whether the purpose is true or false, the mobile phone does not have a charging head and needs to be purchased separately by the user, which inevitably increases the cost of use for consumers. What most consumers worry about is, will more manufacturers join the ranks of canceling charging heads, and they are called environmentally friendly?

In fact, it will be. No Indian netizens found that LG's G8X smart phone sales page in India did not include the charging head in the package.

This question was subsequently confirmed by LG India. The LG G8X does not include a charging head in the box. Users need to go to the nearest LG offline store to purchase. The original charging head is made of virgin materials, not recycled materials.