Force majeure factors are too large, all four new Apple products will be postponed

With the official resumption of production in China, Apple's domestic supplier Foxconn Zhengzhou and other factories have gradually resumed production capacity. But recently, according to foreign media reports, force majeure factors have been too large, and Apple's entire industry chain has been attacked. It is expected that Apple's iPhone 12 series will be delayed for launch this year.

Environmental impacts, certain problems have occurred in the production process in many places, and even some regions have stopped production and production, which has hindered the popularization of 5G networks and hit the supply chain very hard.

For example, the domestic manufacturing supply chain is disrupted, and some countries have adopted blockade measures to minimize the impact, which has led to uncertainty in demand for high-end mobile phones.

The report also mentioned that due to strict restrictions on entry and exit by countries around the world, EVT (Engineering Verification Test, currently scheduled for mid-April) and PVT ((Production Verification Test) and trial production (currently scheduled for the end of June) All of them faced bottlenecks, which restricted the travel of Apple engineers, so they could n’t do it with Foxconn within the scheduled time.

In addition, the current severe environment in the United States and the slowdown in the popularity of 5G networks have greatly affected the pace of Apple's new iPhone 12 launch. A few days ago, market research company Strategy Analytics estimated that Apple ’s global smartphone shipments in February fell by 38% year-on-year, which would be the largest monthly drop since the company began tracking this data in 2003.