Ford plans to restart production lines in the U.S. on April 14

According to foreign media reports, Ford hopes to return employees on the US production line to work in the next few weeks. In addition, it also said on Thursday that it hopes to restart some key production in the United States on April 14. However, this is only a goal. With the development of the new crown disease virus epidemic, this goal has become a constantly changing goal.


It is understood that because of the new crown epidemic, many auto manufacturers in the United States have employees stay at home to stop the transmission of the virus, and this has led to 95% of US cars this month to stop production. Even with production restart plans, automakers are prepared for a sharp drop in demand.

If things start to get better, Ford feels it's time, and it plans to restart its Dearborn Cargo Truck Plant, Kentucky Truck Plant, Kansas City Assembly Plant's shipping lines and Ohio Assembly Plant. Several support facilities are also likely to resume operations, including the stamping and second manufacturing facilities in Dearborn, Michigan, integrated stamping facilities in Kentucky and Kansas City, and transmission facilities in Ohio. Some plants in Van Dyck, Lima, and Rosenville in Michigan and Ohio will also resume operations on April 14.

Ford made it clear that it will continue to assess the pandemic virus pandemic situation and adjust these plans as needed. At the same time, the factory will strengthen safety measures to ensure the safety and health of workers. Ford said that during the shutdown, every plant in North America will undergo thorough cleaning and strict sanitary measures. The company also announced plans to support front-line medical staff and will use 3D printing technology to manufacture protective gear. It will also work with 3M and GE to build and manufacture ventilators.