Foreign media analysis iPhone 12 mini may give up 5 functions

According to reports on October 6, it was reported that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 series this year will include a model called "iPhone 12 mini", which is expected to be the smallest screen in the iPhone 12 series. One. Foreign media also summarized the current five rumors about the iPhone 12 mini, and filtered out the configuration information that the iPhone 12 mini may not use.


It is expected that ‌iPhone 12‌ mini will adopt Y-OCTA's flexible OLED display with integrated touch function. This technology has richer colors and more realistic black color performance than LCD.

However, it is expected that the display of the ‌iPhone 12‌ mini will have some minor defects. According to reports, ‌iPhone 12‌ Pro and ‌iPhone 12‌ Pro Max will have more vivid, lifelike color performance, richer color grades and XDR classification. At the same time, there have been news that iPhone 12‌ mini does not have a 120Hz high-brush display, and the 120Hz screen may only be reserved for Pro models or even Pro Max models.

Lidar Scanner

There are rumors that the iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max models are equipped with LiDAR scanners, and similar products made their debut on the iPad Pro earlier this year.

The LiDAR scanner in iPad Pro uses reflected light to measure the distance from the sensor to surrounding objects up to five meters away. It is reported that the LiDAR scanner of iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max may use a similar approach, if not exactly the same. As a smaller, lower-cost non-Pro model, it is expected that the ‌iPhone 12‌mini will not be equipped with a LiDAR scanner.

Telephoto lens

Similar to the iPhone 11, the ‌iPhone 12‌ mini is expected to adopt a rear dual camera consisting of a wide-angle lens and an ultra-wide-angle lens. There are rumors that the high-end 6.7-inch ‌iPhone 12 Pro Max will receive more advanced image stabilization technology, which may bring image stabilization to the ultra-wide-angle lenses on these devices. It is expected that the iPhone 12‌ mini will not have related technologies.

However, the iPhone 12‌ mini may use a new lens array and improved Smart HDR to achieve better low-light performance.

battery capacity

As the smallest device in the ‌iPhone 12‌ series, the ‌iPhone 12‌ mini is also expected to have the smallest battery. Certification shows that the battery capacity of ‌iPhone 12‌ mini is 2227mAh. Although the A14 bionic processor and OLED display may improve battery efficiency, the basic limitation of the battery size of the ‌iPhone 12‌ mini may reduce the overall battery life of the phone. The 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max is expected to use a 3,687mAh battery.


There are rumors that ‌iPhone 12‌Pro Max will also have faster mmWave 5G. 5G below 6GHz is a relatively slower but more popular 5G technology. It is expected that iPhone 12‌ mini will not support mmWave 5G technology and support 5G below 6GHz because iPhone 12‌ Pro Max has enough internal space to accommodate support The antenna design required for mmWave and a larger battery.

Despite the lack of these features, ‌iPhone 12‌ mini is still expected to be equipped with the latest A14 Bionic processor, OLED display and a new design. For many small mobile phone lovers, ‌iPhone 12‌ mini will be their long-awaited device.