Foreign media announced the top consumer electronics brands list, OPPO and other Chinese mobile phone brands are eye-catching

Recently, VisualCapitalist, a well-known foreign website, announced a "Top Brand List of Various Consumer Electronic Products". Among them, there are many highlights in the mobile phone form. Not only are international manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung on this list, it is even more remarkable that many mobile phone brands in China are also on the list, including OPPO, vivo, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. . Among them, OPPO owns 9% of shipments, ranking No. 5 on the list, and its performance is particularly eye-catching.

OPPO has achieved such eye-catching results thanks to its rich product layout and excellent product quality. OPPO has a wealth of models for consumers with different needs. For example, the main high-quality Find X2 series, the beautiful Reno4 series, and the main cost-effective A72 series.

OPPO is so popular with consumers, but also benefited from the research in technology. Among them, the most concerned is the 65W super flash charging technology. The charging efficiency is among the best in the field of fast charging of mobile phones, and the mobile phone can be fully charged in more than half an hour. At present, this technology is popularized in Find X2 series and Reno4 series.

This list shows the popularity of major mobile phone brands in the global market. We also see the decisive influence of Chinese brands.