Foreign media broke the news that Lingdu will launch the world's first durable 5G mobile phone

Recently, foreign media gizmochina reported that the domestic mobile phone manufacturer Blackview (Blackview), which is mainly engaged in the European and American markets, will hold its largest new product launch conference in November, bringing the world's first durable 5G mobile phone-Blackview GL 6000 Pro 5G.

gizmochina revealed that Blackview GL 6000 Pro 5G has the hope of adopting a full-screen design to bring an immersive visual experience. The download speed of the 5G network can reach 2.3GBp/s, and the upload speed can reach 1.5GBp/s. It can watch 4K videos smoothly, so Blackview GL 6000 Pro 5G will adopt this design to better meet user needs.

In terms of processor, Blackview GL 6000 Pro 5G may be equipped with MediaTek Dimensity 800 chip, supplemented by 8GB+256GB storage combination, performance can meet the needs of users. In addition, the phone is also equipped with a rear three-camera combination, the main camera is 48 million pixels. Due to the small coverage area and high power consumption of the 5G network, which violates the original intention of a durable mobile phone, the Blackview GL 6000 Pro 5G supports the 5G/4G global network frequency band and is compatible with 2G-5G networks. It is also equipped with a 5280mAh battery to ensure battery life Worry-free.

Of course, as a durable mobile phone, IP68 and IP69K protection levels are indispensable. Blackview GL 6000 Pro 5G has also passed the MIL-STD-810G certification, which not only can effectively prevent dust and water, but also don't have to worry about accidental drops and collisions. This phone will be launched in November, but it will not be released in China. If it is a mobile phone party, you can go to relevant European websites for details.