Foreign media measured HTC blockchain mobile phone, only 170 years to pay back

Foreign media The Block recently released a report that described their “mining” test after being subjected to HTC’s Exodus blockchain smartphone. The final test results were quite speechless. According to the test, Exodus blockchain smartphones can “dig” a virtual currency worth 0.0038 US dollars (0.02 yuan (USD $0) ) every day, which translates into an annual income of 1.387 US dollars (9.8 yuan (USD $1) ). Considering that the price of the mobile phone itself is about 237 US dollars, it takes 170 months to recover the cost and start to make profits. Of course, this does not include the cost of electricity.

In fact, if someone really uses Exodus 1S as a “mining” device, the electricity bill can basically be determined to be a loss. According to the data given by Midas Labs, the developer of the program used by The Block, an ordinary laptop can get about 0.06 US dollars of virtual currency per day, but it will consume 0.156 US dollars of electricity, although the overall efficiency of the mobile phone is higher However, considering the loss rate and other issues, it is also impossible to achieve breakeven.

However, the main purpose of HTC’s launch of Exodus 1S is not to allow users to “mine” with mobile phones, but to focus on the encryption and decentralization features of blockchain to provide better privacy protection and information security for users in need. Services, overall positioning is more similar to business phones like BlackBerry. However, in the moment when BlackBerry has announced the suspension of production, can Exodus 1S revitalize HTC’s mobile phone department? This is a very questionable question.