Foreign media: Tesla plans to reduce California factory workers by 75%

In the morning of March 19th, Beijing time, according to US media reports, Tesla will reduce the number of people starting operations at its Fremont plant in California. Earlier, the local sheriff's office said that Tesla did not comply with the three-week epidemic prevention directive against the new crown virus outbreak.

According to the plan, the number of Tesla employees still operating at the plant will be reduced from about 10,000 to 2,500. However, it is unclear exactly when Tesla will start implementing this plan, and it is not clear when Tesla will implement the plan. What steps are being taken to help employees who are still working to prevent the new crown virus.

On Monday, six counties in the San Francisco Bay Area announced in-situ evacuation orders, which took effect early on Tuesday morning. All non-essential businesses are required to close, and millions of residents can only leave their homes when necessary, such as when purchasing food. However, the Tesla plant remained fully operational during this period. As a result, the Sheriff's Office in the Alameda County, where the factory is located, made it clear on Twitter late Tuesday that Tesla's car factory "is not a required business as defined in the Alameda County Epidemic Prevention Directive."

According to the sheriff's office, the Tesla plant was instructed to "maintain only minimal basic operations." This means that the number of employees still operating in the factory must be reduced, for example, they can only handle matters such as payroll. At present, Alameda County has 31 confirmed cases of New Coronavirus.

A spokesman for the Alameda County Sheriff's Office said on Wednesday: "If Tesla continues to operate, it will violate the directives in California's health and safety regulations. They must bear all the consequences." Ra is one of the largest employers in California and Alameda County. Every day, 10,000 employees come to work in the factory. This is not a problem that can be taken lightly. "

In an e-mail to employees, Tesla stated that the Department of Homeland Security had informed the company that Tesla should be considered a "national critical infrastructure" and not a "non-essential" enterprise as locally called it. It is unclear who the Department of Homeland Security gave Tesla to this position. Neither Homeland Security nor Tesla responded.

In the email, Tesla informed employees that if they decided to stay at home, they must use paid leave. If paid leave has been used up, you can also borrow leave from other colleagues. It is unclear whether Tesla will pay wages to employees who have been forced to stay home after reducing the number of workers in the factory. Tesla CEO Elon Musk also tried to downplay the threat of the virus in a previous email to employees, saying that the risk of dying from the virus will not exceed the risk of dying from a car accident.

Shortly before California issued an asylum order, Tesla just officially announced that it would begin delivering Model Y. This is Tesla's fifth electric car, and the industry expects sales of this model to be even better than the Model 3. In addition, considering that Tesla wants to deliver as many cars as possible at the end of each quarter, this can explain why Tesla is still reluctant to close the plant when other automakers have suspended their US operations.

JD Power analyst Tyson Jominy said: "At the moment, keeping the plant running is critical to Tesla. You won't have two chances to launch a product. If a company can't improve at this moment Production and deliveries, then there will be a crisis of survival, especially for Tesla. They have high hopes for Model Y, which can't blame them. Unless the sheriff is there to prevent people from entering, they must deliver cars to get operations Of funds. "(Li Li)