Fortune Magazine names 100 modern designs: Apple takes 8 seats on WeChat Mobike

In the morning of March 17th, Fortune magazine today announced the list of 100 "modern greatest designs". These excellent designs make people's lives easier, better and more fashionable. Apple has eight products on the list, and Chinese companies WeChat and Mobike share bikes on the list.

Fortune magazine, in collaboration with the IIT Institute of Design, surveyed educators, influencers, designers, and corporate design teams and used this information to compile this top 100 list .

At the top of the list is Apple's iPhone, which first appeared in 2007 and has been updated every year since then. It "changes the way humans communicate" and affects almost every aspect of our lives, so it ranks first on the list .

Apple Inc.'s late founder Steve Jobs once introduced it as a "combined product of" an iPod, a phone, a network communicator ", which was an impressive statement at the time. But it now seems that Jobs's statement even underestimates a device that changes our lifestyle.

When the iPhone was released, only the US operator AT & T was willing to assist Apple in selling, and many analysts questioned whether Apple could sell a high-end mobile phone in the US subsidized or donated market at a high price of $ 499. .

Later, everyone knows the story. Through unremitting efforts to promote the development of hardware and software, including actions such as improving camera picture quality and creating an ecosystem of applications and services, Apple has sold more than 2 billion iPhones-in the process Apple has also become the most valuable company in the world.

Another Apple product on the list, the Macintosh (Macintosh) in 1984, ranked second on this list. Six other Apple products have also been included in the list: the iPod in 2001 ranked 10th, the MacBook Pro in 2006 ranked 14th, the App Store was ranked 22nd, and the iOS system ranked At No. 29, Apple Watch is No. 46, and Apple Pay is No. 64.

In addition to Apple products, many other well-known company products are also listed among them. General users are more familiar with: Google search engine, Nordic-designed iconic Eames Chair, OXO peeler, Uber car sharing, Netflix online streaming Media, Lego bricks, Google Maps, Apollo 11 rockets, post-it notes, Nokia 3210 phones, Sony Walkman, etc.

Chinese users are probably most familiar with WeChat (33rd) and Mobike (37th) produced by Tencent. Fortune Magazine evaluates WeChat, saying that it integrates a series of important mobile applications and has become a one-stop shop for users. The latter is an elegant "last mile" solution.