Four major brands of Baiteng debut at 2020CBME, a number of new products released for the first time

On October 10th, 2020CBME Maternity, Baby and Child Food Exhibition opened grandly at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. Baiteng Pharmaceuticals brought its four major brands-Dr. Natural, Life-Space, and Pentavite, as well as a stunning appearance. Many new products were released for the first time, which attracted the attention of many maternal and child industry professionals and the media.

Interactive design of nature and technology, exploring the journey of life and nutrition

This year, the Baiteng booth, which integrates nature and technology interactive design, has attracted much attention. Going forward, you can see the small pure ocean world inspired by Dr. Natural’s DHA algae oil, experience the delicious, fun, and beautiful Pentavite’s colorful and interesting children’s world, and you can also feel the elegance The professional atmosphere of Life-Space created by the blue style, as well as the freshness, fashion, and light luxury that Qingran delivers by presenting the macaron color system. In addition, the booth also has areas such as a photo-taking area, a game interaction area, and a new product trial area. With dazzling and personalized design and interaction, the four major brands allow visitors to explore the journey of life and nutrition immersively.

Diversified layout of the four major brands, focusing on incremental markets

During the exhibition, Wu Xiaogang, Deputy General Manager of By-Health Co., Ltd. and CEO of Baiteng Pharmaceuticals, said in an interview with the media, "Faced with the changing and fiercely competitive market environment, Baiteng Pharmaceuticals has accelerated the diversification of maternal and child channels in 2020. Layout, the four major brands attacked, each highlighting differentiated competitive advantages in different segments, focusing on the incremental market, and empowering new growth in the industry."

Dr. Natural focuses on good nutrition before the age of three, creating DHA algae oil, orange peel yeast zinc, etc. as the core products, and cooperates with the star promotion official Ella to comprehensively help the baby before the age of three to have a balanced nutrition. At this exhibition, the newly upgraded natural Dr. DHA algae oil, orange peel yeast zinc and other products were collectively unveiled. The novel and unique high-value packaging attracted attention.

As a professional probiotic brand in Australia, Life-Space has the advantages of "multiple bacteria", "highly viable bacteria", and "multi-dose", covering the entire life cycle of the human body, and is well received by consumers. At this exhibition, Life-Space’s new probiotic pressed candy made its debut, providing consumers with more choices of dosage forms and flavors.

Pentavite is an Australian professional infant and child nutrition brand that has focused on children's health for more than 50 years. Its main products are gums rich in calcium, iron, DHA and other nutrients. This year, Pentavite will naturally add two more members to the fudge family: high-fiber fudge and elderberry fudge. The new product will conquer children’s discerning taste buds with a fresh, sour, sweet and delicious taste, allowing children to enjoy delicious candies at the same time. Supplement the nutrients needed for growth.

Qingran, as a beautiful diet and nutrition luxury brand that focuses on young mothers, helps young mothers to re-emerge the beauty of new life. This year, Qingran made its debut at CBME with three series of collagen peptides, meal replacement shakes, and L-carnitine. With its outstanding appearance, patented technology, ace formula and other advantages, it has captured the hearts of many young women, especially young mothers.

Dr. Tianran and Ping An Health Internet reached a strategic cooperation

At the same time, the strategic cooperation ceremony between Dr. Natural and Ping An Health Internet was held at the booth. In the future, the two parties will give full play to their respective advantages and carry out all-round cooperation in health consulting services, new technology applications, membership system integration, etc., to bring one-stop nutrition and health solutions and scientific nutrition concepts for natural doctoral members to build together New ecosystem of "Internet + mother and baby".

As a leader in the maternal and infant industry, Baiteng Pharmaceutical has been deeply involved in the maternal and infant nutrition market segment, continued to exert its multi-brand strategy, and actively embraced new markets for consumption upgrades. In the future, we will continue to create and meet the needs of the new generation of consumers for mothers and babies, and join hands with partners to embrace every new development opportunity, provide consumers with better products and services, and lead new trends in the development of the industry.