Four most worthy 3C digital inventory emui 10 new year

The year of the rat is coming, and 3C digital products such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops are also ushering in a new upsurge. According to the latest IDC data, Huawei has become the No. 1 mobile / tablet Market in China, and the notebook business is also emerging rapidly, gaining more and more users’ favor. The new emui10 adopts distributed technology, which can bring users seamless interaction experience of mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other intelligent terminals. Let’s take a look at what digital products are worth starting with just as we welcome the new and the old.

The first pre installed emui10 model, a powerful group with good looks

Huawei mate30 series is the first flagship model pre installed with emui10, which not only brings the whole scene intelligent experience to users, but also brings the colorful AOD, AI magazine typesetting and the addition of Morandi color to the new UX design, which improves the visual quality and quality at the same time. In addition, the emui10 also brings a new generation of GPU turbo graphics acceleration technology for Huawei mate30 series, better and smoother game playing quality, and a new link turbo technology to experience high-speed network experience anytime, anywhere.

During the Spring Festival, it is of course necessary to make a few new dishes to get together with your family. In the process of cooking, you can’t avoid oil stains on your hands. Therefore, it’s very inconvenient to look through the menu and operate your mobile phone. At this time, you can stand the Huawei mate30 series with emui10 aside, just wave up and down to scroll through the menu, and understand each step conveniently and clearly.

In addition, close friends should not be forgotten during the Spring Festival. There are unique folk activities and fireworks performances all over the country. Through the Changlian function in emui10, real-time high-definition audio and video communication can be realized. Even in the fireworks activities at the festival night, the expressions of mutual joy can be clearly seen. At the same time, Huawei mate30 series can be freely transferred with Huawei smart screen to conduct HD audio and video calls through large screen, so as to obtain better visual experience.

During the festival, we will take photos of family gatherings, gourmet food, temple fairs, fireworks and other scenes. When we share with our family and friends, we will find that it is very troublesome to find the one we want. If you use the convenient library search function of emui10, it will be much more convenient. Just input keywords such as food, Spring Festival, scenery, etc. to help you quickly find the pictures you need.

Of course, the multi screen collaboration of the emui10 is Huawei’s “unique secret script”, which enables the mobile phone, tablet and PC to have a seamless cross terminal interaction experience. The first tablet with emui10 is Huawei’s matepad pro, which was first sold last month.

The strongest Android Tablet of the year & mdash; Huawei matepad & nbsp; Pro

Huawei matepad Pro is the Android Tablet with the strongest comprehensive performance so far. With the help of multi screen cooperation of emui10, it can have deep interaction with dozens of mobile phones equipped with emui10, such as Huawei mate 30 series. On New Year’s Eve, family photos and food photos must be beautified before sharing. Especially those with children at home can draw some cartoon decorations to better reflect the warmth of the family. The multi screen collaboration function can drag the photos taken by the mobile phone directly to the tablet, edit the photos through a larger screen, and then drag the beautified photos back to the mobile phone and share them to the family wechat group.

When shopping for new year’s products, you will often choose fancy. The & ldquo; split screen operation of the same app & rdquo; realized by Huawei’s matepad pro’s parallel view function can help you. For example, when shopping for new year’s products with JD app, you can see the introduction page of new year’s products on the left and consult the customer service of the shop on the right. The emui10 smart split screen brings Huawei’s matepad Pro the experience of “multi app split screen operation”. It is also a scene of purchasing new year’s products. Users can use JD app on the left and tmall app on the right, and then compare prices horizontally on two e-commerce platforms to buy better new year’s products with lower sales. In addition, Huawei’s matepad Pro can also open a floating window under the smart split screen. For example, in the price comparison process, another calculator window will be opened to be the most astute buyer while comparing prices.

Easy to use and inexpensive & mdash; Huawei matebook & nbsp; d 14 sharp Dragon

In the field of PC technology, Huawei also has strong attainments. For example, the new matebook d 14 sharp dragon version not only has a comprehensive screen DNA and shark fin fan, but also takes the lead in introducing the multi screen collaborative function, which can experience the same screen display, cross terminal operation and content transition with Huawei’s mate30 series and other emui10 mobile phones. Moreover, the starting price of the new matebook d 14 sharp dragon version is not expensive, only 3699 yuan (USD $528) , which is very suitable for new employees who have just joined the job market.

During the Spring Festival holiday, especially on the night of new year’s Eve, you will definitely receive a large number of new year’s blessing messages and even wechat red envelopes, which is the so-called “come and not be rude”. You must also reply to everyone one by one. If you reply through the virtual keyboard of the mobile phone, the typing efficiency is too slow, and the error rate is also very high. But with the help of multi screen collaboration, you can display the mobile phone image in the large screen of PC, or directly enlarge / narrow the window, and then use the PC mouse to grab red packets from wechat groups and working groups of friends and relatives, which is much faster than thumb click. When the mobile phone turns on & ldquo; screen rotation & rdquo;, the screen of the mobile phone in the PC screen will immediately become full screen. At this time, using the full-size physical keyboard of matebook d 14 sharp dragon to edit and reply to each friend’s wishes for Spring Festival in the wechat box of the mobile phone is much faster than typing with the virtual keyboard of the mobile phone.

If you want to go out suddenly, even if matebook d 14 sharp dragon version is turned off, emui 10 multi screen collaboration also supports content transition, and the rest of the edited content can continue to expand on the mobile phone.

Help you shoot vlog & mdash; & mdash; big Xinjiang Osmo Mobile 3 cloud platform easily in Spring Festival

In addition to mobile phones, tablets and PCs, let’s let Xiaobian think about what else is worth “planting grass” cool product & hellip;. Well, let’s recommend another big Xinjiang Lingmou Osmo Mobile 3 handheld cloud platform to you. The reason why we recommend this product is that many people will shoot vlog (video log) during the new year, while Dajiang Lingmou Osmo Mobile 3 handheld cloud platform and Huawei mate30 series with emui10 can be directly connected without pairing. Users can also use side grip mode, Bluetooth shutter and other convenient control functions to achieve intelligent follow, motion delay and other creative shooting with one hand, making vlog shooting so simple.

In fact, many people have found that the products recommended by Xiaobian have & ldquo; strong connection & rdquo; with each other;. Among them, Huawei mate30 series pre installed with emui10 and Huawei matepad pro, as well as Huawei matebook d 14 sharp dragon edition can realize cross terminal collaboration with the help of multi screen collaboration, break the hardware gap between different terminals, realize mutual assistance and sharing of hardware capabilities, and bring a brand-new intelligent full scene experience to everyone during the Spring Festival holiday.

Of course, during the Spring Festival, the major e-commerce platforms enjoy a lot of discounts, which is also the best time to purchase machines once a year. For example, on the eve of the Spring Festival in Huawei mall, Huawei mate30 series can enjoy 12 periods of interest free, half a year’s extended warranty and other benefits for old users’ purchase of machines; Huawei matepad pad can enjoy three periods of interest free benefits for purchase of machines; while Huawei matebook d 14 sharp Dragon version can enjoy three periods of interest free as well as two shoulder bags for Huawei. Therefore, if 2020 is right, let’s start. If you are excited, don’t write in ink. Put it into action quickly!