Friends who want to change computers have an opportunity! 400 yuan (USD $57) off on Suning Tesco's popular computer coupons

There should be many friends who have the same plan as me. They are ready to change to a new computer or laptop on Double Eleven, and they can enjoy the lowest discount price throughout the year. Now that the Double Eleven event is approaching, I finally waited for the best time to switch computers. Now you can snap up popular computer products on, and you can also enjoy a 400 yuan (USD $57) discount on coupons, whether it is a new iPad or a new Lenovo All small new notebooks can be purchased first. Friends in need should go to to have a look.

Friends who want to snap up a laptop computer must remember to receive a coupon first. You can receive a full discount coupon of up to 3980 yuan (USD $569) minus 400 yuan (USD $57) in the page. Only when you receive the coupon, you can save more money. At the same time, there are 6 interest-free coupons, and friends who want to buy in installments can also take them away.

Some time ago, Apple’s newly launched iPad Air 4 can now be purchased directly, with a spike price of only 4799 yuan (USD $686) , and 12 interest-free offers. A few days ago, Lenovo’s newly launched 11-generation Core thin and light notebooks can also participate in pre-ordered purchases. The new Xiaoxin Pro14 is scheduled to start at 5799 yuan (USD $828) ; Xiaoxin Air14 is scheduled to start at 5299 yuan (USD $757) ; Lenovo yoga14s is scheduled to start at 5699 yuan (USD $814) . You can also enjoy 3 interest-free periods. These products are all the most popular thin and light notebooks in the first half of the year. Now they are upgraded to Intel's 11th generation Core processor, which is worth buying.

At the same time, there are many hot products participating in the tens of billions of subsidies. The Honor MagicBook 16 SE received a coupon subsidy of 400 yuan (USD $57) and only 3999 yuan (USD $571) ; Xiaomi's 15.6-inch thin and light power coupon was only 3599 yuan (USD $514) after a subsidy of 300 yuan (USD $43) . There are also HP and 66 third generations. Many popular products, such as Xiaoxin Air13 and ASUS Tianxuan, enjoy subsidized prices. In addition, there are many products in the interest-free zone to choose from, subsidized spike price + coupon discount + installment interest-free multiple discounts, making it easier for you to change your computer without burden, and enjoy the real price of Double Eleven in advance.

In this Suning Tesco event, many big PC brands such as Lenovo, HP, Asus, Apple, Dell, etc. are brought together. There are light and thin portable notebooks for business offices, high-performance gaming notebooks for fever games, and DIY consoles and accessories. You can Easily choose the computer product that suits you best. Friends who plan to change their computer can go to You don’t have to wait for hot and new products to buy in advance.