From 418,000, Volvo's first pure electric mass production car Polestar 2 officially started domestic production

On March 24, Volvo confirmed the first pure electric vehicle of its new energy brand Polestar. The Polestar 2 officially started production at the Luqiao plant in China. This vehicle is not only the first pure electric mass-produced vehicle under the Volvo Group, but also the Volvo 2025 plan. The key step.


This car is expected to be the first to be launched in Europe this summer, and then to land in China and the United States. At present, this car has only announced one standard version in China, with a pre-sale price of 418,000 yuan (USD $59714) and a maximum power of 408. The horsepower motor and a 72kWh battery have a target NEDC range of 500km .


Interestingly, this electric car with the same price as Model 3 is very different from Model 3 in terms of product design. Although both are mainly sports performance, in terms of size, Polestar2 is smaller, with a wheelbase of only 2735mm, while the Model 3 has a wheelbase of 2875mm. In addition, in terms of interior technology and luxury atmosphere, obviously Polestar 2 “technical If you do n’t have high requirements for space, but have higher requirements for the design and texture of the interior, Polestar 2 that is both environmentally friendly and luxurious may be another good choice for you outside of Model 3.