From "little plum" to "little freckles", why are the generations of the OPPO Find series classic?

The release of OPPO Find X in 2018 is a signal of OPPO's strong return to the flagship. Although 2019 did not wait for the appearance of Find X2, but on March 6 this year, this product that is expected to be officially released for one year, has outstanding product power. Let OPPO stand at the pinnacle of the industry again. The Find X2 series, with its industry-leading screen, camera and charging technology, has won various industry awards, become the "2020 flagship benchmark" in the media, and won the reputation of the Android emperor.

Looking back on the development history of the OPPO Find series, we can see that each generation of Find series products is exploring the industry's cutting-edge technology. The first-generation Find X903 brought a sliding full-body keyboard design and a ten-point touch screen to explore new possibilities for human-computer interaction. Find 3 uses brushed stainless steel and metal polished frames to explore the industry's top manufacturing processes; later Finder and Find 5, In terms of lightness and appearance of mobile phones, it reached the highest level in the same period, and Find 7 introduced VOOC flash charging technology that "charges for five minutes and talks for two hours."

With previous generations of continuous exploration and experience accumulation, Find X, which has returned after four years of absence, has the confidence to find the ultimate experience, and finally found the market in Find X2 with a more mature product form. This arduous journey of exploration has made OPPO gradually become a technology company that affects the world, from obscurity to the industry peak. The quality of OPPO's persistent exploration is so similar to that of OPPO's global brand ambassador Eddie, which may be the reason why the two form a formal cooperation.

Eddie Redmayne, fans call him "Little Freckles", is the first 80-year-old film actor in Oscar history. Eddie loves acting since he was a child, and has been involved in the film and television industry since graduation. In 2014, he played the physicist Hawking in The Theory of Everything, and his superb acting skills helped him win many awards, including the Academy Awards and the British Film Academy. Later, in many films such as "The Danish Girl" and "Where Are the Amazing Animals", we showed completely different images and made breakthroughs in more styles.

This year's Find X2 also demonstrates the quality of OPPO's continuous exploration and breakthroughs. The "3K + 120Hz" ultra-sensitive screen has exceeded the industry's peak level, bringing more stunning colors and visual table performance; with three shots, it scored 124 points. Achievements, and won the first place in the DxO imaging rankings, is the discovery X2 initiated by Find X2 to take pictures of world-class mobile phones. In addition, there are 65W super flash chargers, Snapdragon 865 processors, etc., which have reached industry-leading standards. And in order to bring new breakthroughs in face value and feel, Find X2 not only adds a ceramic body, but also introduces a new leather version of the material, bringing a gentle, soft and delicate feel, and also bringing the face value of the phone to a new height .

Adhering to the spirit of this exploration, I believe that whether it is the "Little Freckles" or the OPPO Find series, it will bring us more amazing works and let us have a new understanding of the industry peak. If you want to use the same phone as OPPO's global image ambassador "Little Freckles", then don't miss this year's Find X2 series