From the installation to the use of Zhimi smart toilet seat Pro experience

Zhimi can be regarded as a star brand in the Xiaomi ecological chain. Many familiar Mijia smart home products such as floor fans, electric heaters and humidifiers are from their own hands. These products have brought real benefits to users. The real life experience has improved, and this time, Zhimi’s new products are more personal to you, or more specifically, an important part of your body-the butt.

On the basis of the previously highly praised smart toilet lid, Zhimi has also launched the higher-end Zhimi smart toilet lid Pro version. The new products are S version and Pro version. The main difference between the two is that the Pro version also With automatic opening and closing function, this is the version we have experienced.

Easy installation and adaptability

Smart toilet lids are no longer an emerging category. Many users should have already understood and even considered such products before, but eventually gave up because of concerns about inconvenience in installation and use. If you are like this, then Zhimi Smart Toilet Cover Pro may convince you to put this idea back on the plan.

Because the Pro version and S version of the Zhimi Smart Toilet Cover are installed in packages, you don’t have to worry about the specific installation process. Just arrange an appointment with an authorized service engineer and wait for the installation. Everyone should pay more attention to, before placing an order, you must determine whether your home improvement environment meets the needs of upgrading smart toilet lids.

The actual installation conditions are mainly limited in two aspects. The first is the size of the current toilet, the distance between the fixed point, the distance between the front and rear edges, the size of the toilet ring, etc. must be measured in advance. The official data tolerance is still Larger, not too special toilets should be no problem;

The second is the water supply and power supply conditions of Zhimi Smart Toilet Cover Pro. Due to the limitation of the length of the water pipe and power cord, there is a 3-hole power socket within 1.5m around the left side of the toilet, and tap water within 0.6m around the right side. Spout. This left and right is relative to the toilet itself, which corresponds to the direction of your left and right hands when sitting on the toilet.

At the same time, it should be noted here that Zhimi Smart Toilet Cover Pro requires that the water quality is ordinary drinking tap water and above, and the sanitary conditions such as reclaimed water do not meet the requirements. If the flushing water in the home is the reclaimed water used, then the water inlet of the toilet cover It can not be directly connected to the corresponding middle water angle valve.

The actual installation experience is very good. The installation engineer’s dress code is very fast. The installation is very fast. When I enter the door, I put on the shoe cover. After installation, I tested all the functions and confirmed that they can be used normally before leaving. It even helped us take the garbage away, so that we could clean it up after work.

Comfortable and powerful

The main reason for everyone to switch to smart toilet lids is that they want to be better for their buttocks, and this “better” can be well reflected in both comfort and sanitation.

The first is comfort. The hot buttocks attached to the cold toilet seat in winter is an extremely low-comfort experience. Various types of toilet mats on the market can easily hide dirt and become a new health hazard. At this time, they can be heated at 33 ℃ The intelligent toilet seat with free adjustment between ~39℃ has great advantages.

Zhimi Smart Toilet Cover Pro uses a ceramic instant heating system. Compared with the traditional heat storage solution, the instant solution is a fresh water source that is released while heating, which not only keeps the water temperature always stable, suitable for getting used to washing for a longer time Users, fresh living water will be more hygienic.

The design of the toilet seat itself largely determines the comfort of the user. Zhimi Smart Toilet Cover Pro uses a 3D curved toilet seat design, and the rear cushion height makes the user’s sitting posture more relaxed. The body of the toilet uses PP antibacterial Material can effectively inhibit bacteria.

In order to ensure that the water source is more clean and sanitary, Zhimi Smart Toilet Cover Pro also adds multiple PP cotton water purification filters at the front of the water inlet, which can effectively filter out impurities above 20μm in tap water. The official recommended filter life is about 6-12 months, the official price of a single filter is 99 yuan, and there are often some welfare workers, the cost of consumables will not be too high.

The nozzle has two modes of direct spray and shower, which correspond to hip washing and women’s washing that require a softer water flow. The size and temperature of the water flow can be adjusted independently. The air mixing technology makes the water flow more dense and non-irritating, while improving the cleaning power. It also saves water, and the warm air drying after washing also has four temperature settings from 30℃ to 52℃.

The hygiene status of the nozzle itself is also very important. Before and after each use, the toilet cover itself will fully clean the nozzle and the rod body. After the user leaves the seat for 10 seconds, the ultraviolet sterilization lamp will be turned on to sterilize the nozzle. According to official data, The sterilization rate can reach 99%.

Perfect smart connected experience

In terms of control, Zhimi Smart Toilet Cover Pro has three control methods: toilet cover body, remote control, and mobile APP. The buttons on the body are relatively simple, mainly including four physical buttons: warm air drying, hip washing, woman washing, and power/power.

There are clear and simple large area buttons on the remote control panel, including the position, force, temperature, etc. of the nozzle can be adjusted directly, the remote control and the slot can be separated, both can be fixed at the user’s convenient position, and can be directly removed and operated separately. Like some smart toilet lids, users need to sit on the toilet and explore the buttons on the side or back of the toilet in an extremely awkward posture.

The mobile phone can be managed in the Mijia APP. Most of the controllable items are directly placed on the home page of the device. The temperature, seat temperature, water flow size, wind temperature and other options can be directly selected. The temperature of the nozzle is also in four positions. The options are adjustable.

Zhimi Smart Toilet Cover Pro is equipped with a light sensor, which will automatically switch with the ambient light when the automatic night light function is turned on. At the same time, a large-capacity deodorizing catalyst is also built in. After the automatic deodorizing function is turned on, the fan will draw the odor into the air duct, and then discharge it after the catalyst is strongly adsorbed. The automatic lid opening and closing function is based on its built-in high-precision microwave sensor. When it is close to the toilet within a range of about 1m, the Zhimi Smart Toilet Cover Pro will automatically open, and the overall use is very convenient.

to sum up

Even the tough-blooded tough guys need to be gentler on their buttocks. Zhimi Smart Toilet Cover Pro not only brings a better and healthier lifestyle, its optimization in use and consideration of details are equally thoughtful. For users who have not experienced a smart toilet lid, it is friendly from installation to use, and it is worthy of being listed as a candidate for home upgrades.