Full of performance! Tesla may push the blackened version of Model 3

According to information from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Tesla recently declared a Model 3 model with a blackened appearance.

As shown in the picture, we can see the side-facing lampshade, rearview mirror base, door handle and window line of the modified blackened Tesla Model3 from the previous chrome plating to black matte spray paint.

It is worth noting that the current Tesla ModelY models also use black processing appearance design. Previously, this design was regarded as a major feature that distinguished Model Y from Model 3. Now, it seems that the blackened version of Model 3 will also follow this design.

But in fact, we can understand that Tesla did this. After all, most of the parts of Model 3 and Model Y can be used in common. This seems to indicate that Tesla’s Shanghai factory is making further preparations for the domestic production of Model Y.

In addition to the appearance changes, there are recent news that Model 3 models will also introduce the heat pump air conditioning design on the Model Y body and a new thermal management system. If the news is true, then the new Model 3 may have better performance in terms of mileage.