Full-size keyboard + custom backlight Honor Hunter game book exposed again

Honor is currently warming up the upcoming Honor Hunter gaming notebook, and as the first gaming notebook of the Honor brand, players are still looking forward to the performance of this notebook. This morning, the vice president of Honor’s business department @ honor old bear continued to break the news on social media that the Honor Hunter game will have a very good keyboard configuration.

The description of this set of keyboard configuration by Honor Bear is “It’s really impossible to move your hands and eyes when you use it”, and it is very good in terms of feel and appearance. The first is the use of full-size arrow keys, which is very practical for gamers. Moreover, the Honor Hunter game book also has a numeric keypad, that is to say, a full keyboard is added to the notebook.

And this keyboard is also very cool visually. It uses RGB lighting effects and supports customizable four-zone backlight effects, which is also very suitable for gamers’ pursuit of lighting effects.

Although we have no information about the detailed configuration of the Honor Hunter game, but from the warm-up video, we saw the Intel Core i7 sticker, and it is likely to use the Core i7 standard processor. I don’t know what surprises the Honor Hunter game will give us in addition to these exposed information.