Fully upgraded wrist health expert Xiaomi Mi Band 5 hands-on experience

The smart wearable market has undergone several years of precipitation and has experienced significant growth in the past two years. Moreover, with the enhancement of functions and the refinement of sports functions, smart Band products provide users with many reference health data in sports health monitoring, which has become the first choice for many users who are concerned about sports health. Among them, Xiaomi, as the world’s second largest smart wearable brand in 2019 and the largest smart wearable brand in China (2019 IDC data), its Band products will be heated up every time it is released.

On June 11, Xiaomi Mi Band ushered in another upgrade. The new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 (NFC version) not only undergoes certain upgrades in hardware, but also adds and refines some health monitoring functions, and the design of magnetic charging There is no need to remove the rice grains for charging, and retain the highly acclaimed “Little Love Classmate” function, which can realize the real-time interconnection of smart home products. We also got the NFC version of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 in the first time. The following will bring you a fresh experience of this product.

Appearance: AMOLED color screen supporting dynamic dial

Compared with the previous generation of products, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 upgraded this color screen, increasing the size from the previous 0.95 inches to 1.1 inches, bringing a clear display effect and adding a dynamic display function. Compared with the previous generation, the display area has increased by 20%, allowing a larger field of view in the overall limited space and providing more data display.

In order to facilitate user control, the screen also supports touch operation, and the use of the auxiliary Band is cheaper to learn and easier to use. The screen surface is protected by a 2.5D scratch-resistant glass panel, which is beautiful and durable. The brightness of the screen backlight of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is also improved again, reaching a maximum of 450nit or more. Even in the environment of strong light, the content displayed can be seen clearly. And the brightness of the screen also supports five levels of adjustment, you can choose according to the environment of use.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 launched more wristbands for you to choose from. There are 8 colorful wristbands and two two-color wristbands, including graphite black, deep space blue, lotus root powder, dynamic orange, bronze purple, Vibrant yellow, light green, dark cyan. Because the Band should be worn frequently and in contact with the skin, in order to care for the user’s skin, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 uses a soft and dense TPU skin-friendly wristband, and meets the GB/T 26572-2011 certification and European RoHS environmental protection requirements.