GAC self-developed power battery: Endurance up to 1000km

Recently, GAC group released a & quot; cutting edge technology introduction & quot;, which mentioned the 5g VBox technology, adigo Park pro and battery cell technology independently developed by GAC for automatic driving.

In the last part, the official said that the application of the new silicon anode material technology to the power battery cell can achieve an energy density of 275wh / kg, and the range of pure electric vehicles can exceed 1000km. ​

GAC’s 5g VBox technology can support a maximum download speed of 20GB / s and an air port delay of 3MS. In the car, it supports Gigabit Ethernet communication and centimeter level high-precision positioning. In addition, it also supports automatic driving above L3 level, and the status of traffic lights can be displayed in the car.

Adigo Park Pro is the autonomous parking technology. According to the government, it adopts a variety of artificial intelligence technologies, such as omni-directional perception, centimeter level real-time positioning, anthropomorphic motion control, etc. The vehicle can park on the ground, underground or even complex multi-storey parking lot. At the same time, the user can call the vehicle with one button through the mobile app. In addition, the function also supports OTA upgrade to achieve continuous evolution.