GAC NIO HYCAN007 goes on sale in April: standard drone system price is less than 300,000

The small electric detective obtained the body color map of a group of GAC NIO ’s first mass-produced models, HYCAN007. HYCAN007 launched a total of 6 body colors, including mint green, Chenhui · White, Cabernet · Red, and Huiyue · Silver, Extreme Night · Black and Foggy · Gray. Among them, mint green is the main color of the car, and the official exhibition car has also adopted this color many times. According to previous news, the car launched a total of 5 configuration models, with a pre-sale range of 26 million to 40 million yuan, officially launched in April this year and delivered.







■ Get to know HYCAN 007 quickly

1. The new car is positioned for a mid-size SUV, and it comes from the same platform as Aion LX, the second-generation GEP platform of GAC New Energy.

2. In terms of size, the length, width, and height of HYCAN 007 are 4870/1937/1680 mm and the wheelbase is 2919 mm, which is similar to the size of Aion LX.

3. In terms of battery life, except for the minimum configuration of the new car, which starts at 260,000 yuan (USD $37143) , it has a battery life of 643 km. The 643 km version is equipped with the NCM811 battery pack from the Ningde era, with a capacity of 93 KWh and an energy density of 180 Wh / Kg.

4. The new car can also realize external discharge, V2V (car and car charging) and V2L (providing 220V power supply).

5. In terms of configuration, the biggest highlight of the new car is that the entire system is equipped with the "Eye of the Sky UAV" system as standard, but the UAV (DJI) has to be installed as an option. The system supports vehicle control and can also follow the vehicle.

Of course, the car also has popular configurations such as L2 level automatic driving assistance, small CAN AI intelligent interactive system, 360 ° panoramic imagery, SUPER ID networked ecosystem, Wi-Fi hotspot, etc.