Galaxy S21 is officially unveiled, and the official explains that it does not include headphones and chargers

In October last year, when Apple launched the iPhone 12 series, it cancelled the distribution of chargers and wired headset devices, the reason given was “environmental protection.” Subsequently, Xiaomi cancelled the distribution of the charger device when the Xiaomi Mi 11 was released for the same reason. And on January 14 this year, Samsung also adopted this strategy.

At the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, Samsung officially announced that the flagship of the series will no longer come with headsets and chargers. For this measure, Federico Casalegno, senior vice president of Samsung, also explained: We understand that more and more Galaxy users like to reuse the existing chargers and earphones, and the equipment included in the box is almost Rarely used.

In addition, it added: For the sustainable development of the global environment, Samsung will do its best to leave a beautiful home for future generations. Although it is not equipped with new wired headsets and chargers, Samsung chargers will be sold at lower prices to provide users who really need them.

At present, the Galaxy S21 series has been officially released, with an early adopter price of 5999 yuan (USD $857) . The Bank of China version will also be unveiled soon. As for whether the Galaxy S21 will come with a charger and earphones, it will have to wait until the press conference of the Bank of China on January 18 to know the answer.