Game office is expert, mechanic F117-X thin and light gaming book promotion

For office workers who have high-intensity work every day, it is really not easy to find a way to relieve stress. Friends can consider gaming notebooks, which can accompany you wherever you want to go. As long as there is electricity and internet, you can enjoy the pleasure of the game with your comrades in arms, and the game book is also a beneficial helper in your daily work. The high-configuration game book makes your daily work easier. .

In terms of appearance, Mechanic [War Air] F117-X adopts a versatile silver appearance, and its shape design is inspired by the F117 fighter jet, with a sense of technology. Its A surface (top cover) and C surface are made of metal materials, and have undergone a metal anode sandblasting treatment, which has an excellent texture and a higher grade. The top cover is designed with a “Mechanical Heart” LOGO that supports RGB lighting effects and two decorative diagonal lines, which adds a bit of publicity and personality to this game book.

In terms of configuration, the mechanic [War Air] F117-X is equipped with a Core i7-10875H octa-core processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 graphics card, optional 144Hz/240Hz professional gaming screen, 16G/32G large memory, 512G +1T/1T +2T hard disk combination, support WiFi-6 and face unlock. From the configuration list alone, this game already has a strong strength, whether it is a popular online game or a ray tracing game masterpiece can be played easily.

Mechanic [Zhankong] The overall thickness of F117-X is only 19.75mm~22mm, and it is about 2.3kg lighter. Compared with most gaming laptops with the same configuration, it is much thinner and lighter. It has quite good portability and heat dissipation. There is no compromise. This notebook is equipped with a “360° full-cold cooling array”, dual fans, four copper pipes + large-area air inlet and outlet design, and three combat modes to ensure that it is calm and calm in the workplace and hits the flesh on the field. In Turbo mode, double roasting can get excellent results of CPU 45W + GPU 115W.

With top-level configuration and strong heat dissipation, it is natural that a good screen is needed to fully realize its potential and bring players the ultimate gaming experience. Mechanic [Zhankong] F117-X supports up to the optional native 8bit color depth 240Hz refresh rate high color gamut gaming screen, with more output frames in the same time, more delicate and smooth picture quality, in shooting and racing games The performance is particularly good, which can help players to take a step forward and win at high speed.

Mechanic [Zhankong] F117-X is the flagship of this gamebook, adhering to the uncompromising design concept, and has excellent performance in hardware configuration, lighting effect, light and thin portability, and can satisfy the entertainment of consumers. For diversified use needs such as office, it can be called an ingenious work. Coupled with the consistently high cost-effective price of mechanics, I believe this new product will definitely win the favor of a large number of high-end users during the Double Ten.

The machinist’s double 11 wave of “king” exploded, and the preferential “strong” attack. Mechanic [Zhankong] The original price of F117-X starts at 11699. Now you can save 700 yuan (USD $100) by booking in advance, and the actual price is not higher than 10899 yuan (USD $1557) !

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