Gaming phone "can't be taken out"? Take a look at the all-around flagship iQOO 5

As mobile games have gradually become an important way for many young people to entertain and socialize, many mobile phones with major gaming functions have emerged on the market. Although many players covet the powerful performance and practical gaming functions of gaming phones, they are discouraged by their exaggerated shape and heavy body. Recently, vivo released an all-around flagship, which not only has professional e-sports functions, but also has a simple and low-key appearance. It also has amazing performance in various daily use scenarios. It is iQOO 5.

In terms of appearance, iQOO 5 is equipped with a 6.56-inch 120Hz AMOLED flexible screen on the front, with a touch sampling rate of 240Hz, covering 100% of the P3 color gamut, supporting HDR10+ certification, and a smooth and comfortable look and feel; it adopts COP packaging to achieve an ultra-narrow screen frame ; Its proactive aperture is also very small, which greatly reduces the visual interference of digging holes.

The iQOO 5 in our hand is a Haoying color scheme, with a gradient of light gray from top to bottom, combined with a delicate AG matte surface, with outstanding texture. The color of the middle frame is also consistent with it. The camera and flash are arranged vertically in the upper left corner, and there are no other extra elements. The design of the whole machine is very simple. The body is only 8.32mm thick and weighs 197g, on the same level as most flagship models.

In terms of performance, iQOO 5 is equipped with the top configuration of Snapdragon 865+LPDDR5+USF3.1, supports 7-band 5G full Netcom, and the game performance is also very smooth. Actually, in the two popular games of “Honor of Kings” and “Peace Elite”, the frame rate of iQOO 5 can easily stabilize at a smooth 60 frames.

“King of Honor” game frames

“Peace Elite” game frames

In addition, iQOO 5 also supports ultra-linear dual speakers, which can provide a more realistic sense of presence whether you are listening to music or watching movies; equipped with 55W super flash charge, built-in 4500mAh battery, it only takes 50 minutes to fully charge, so that the phone always keeps a lot of weight Power; it also inherits vivo’s pursuit of excellent sound quality, equipped with CS43131 independent HiFi chip, and obtains Hi-Res wired/wireless dual sound quality; at the same time, it does not lack the NFC function that is becoming more and more popular in life.

As the official game machine of KPL, iQOO 5 not only has powerful hardware, but also provides system-level optimization for various game scenarios in software, such as 4D game shock, Hawkeye Display 2.0, game assistant, etc., bringing professional e-sports level Gaming experience.

In terms of cameras, iQOO 5 is not equipped with a “scan code camera” like most gaming phones, but uses a very powerful three-camera combination. The main camera is a 50-megapixel Samsung GN1 super-sensitive lens, which not only has a 1/1.3″ super-large size, but also supports full-pixel dual-core focusing, so that it can shoot fast and clear even in low-light scenes; the other two Each is a 13-megapixel portrait lens and a 13-megapixel 120° ultra-wide-angle lens, which supports 50mm equivalent focal length telephoto shooting and 62.5px macro shooting respectively, covering all focal lengths used in daily life.

The following are samples taken with the main camera and macro function of iQOO 5:

It can be seen that iQOO 5 can not only meet the needs of professional e-sports, but also uncompromising in terms of photo shooting, video and audio, etc., and it takes into account the daily use experience almost perfectly. I believe that iQOO 5 will be the most suitable choice for players who love mobile games but do not accept the exaggerated shape of gaming phones and hope that their phones can have a comprehensive and excellent experience.

IQOO 5 is currently on sale. The 8+128 version is 3998 yuan (USD $571) , the 12+128 version is 4298 yuan (USD $614) , and the 12+256 version is 4598 yuan (USD $657) . Buy now for a limited time and enjoy a half-year extension of repair and 12 interest-free periods.