Gaode Launches Charging Map: Charging Pile Information Covers 96% of Payment Links

In the afternoon of March 31, Alibaba's Gaode Map announced the launch of a new energy vehicle charging service solution and officially launched the charging map. Through in-depth cooperation with charging operation service providers and integration with the payment ecosystem of Alibaba Group, it provides one-stop services for electric vehicle users.

Yu Yongfu, a partner of Alibaba and chairman of Gold Group, said: "As a member of Alibaba's digital economy, it is also the largest navigation service platform in the country. Gold is always thinking about how to combine its own scene and technology advantages with The integration of the 'new infrastructure' process is accelerating the pace of digital economy transformation. "

Statistics from the China Charging Alliance show that as of the end of January this year, 531,000 public charging piles and 712,000 private charging piles have been built nationwide, with a vehicle-to-pile ratio of about 3.5: 1. This figure is still a long way from the 1: 1 plan in the "Guide to the Development of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (2015-2020)". To improve the user experience of electric vehicle users, the construction of charging pile infrastructure is indispensable. But at the same time, how to use digital technology to achieve the best use of charging piles and optimize the charging and travel service experience for electric vehicle users is also crucial.

At present, there are more than 400 million monthly active users on Gaode Map mobile phones and more than 62 million users on mobile phones. Among them, a large number of new energy vehicle owners search for charging pile information and conduct navigation planning through Gaode Maps, which also makes Gaode more comprehensive and accurate. To understand user needs and pain points.

Guo Ning, vice president of Gaode Map, said: "Facing the policy call of the country's development of" new infrastructure ", Gaode Map launched a charging service industry solution and launched a charging map. By integrating travel planning, service capabilities and public charging of industry partners The combination of service capabilities provides users with high-quality public charging services, solves the pain points of electric vehicle users, and uses digital means to empower partners. "

It is understood that the high-tech map new energy vehicle charging service industry solution is based on the capabilities of high-tech maps and Alibaba's digital economy. It uses big data analysis to help the charging industry enterprises to make decision optimization, and through an open full-network fully-aggregated charging service Platform-Charging Map, helping partners improve the operational efficiency of existing charging infrastructure.

Search for "charging station" on Gaode map to enter the charging map. At present, Gaode Charging Map has access to the official charging pile real-time information and transaction links of core charging service providers across the entire network, including special calls, star charging, fast power, United Bank Technology, and ant charging, achieving more than 96% of Charging pile dynamic information coverage.

In addition, through the integration with the payment ecosystem of Alibaba Group, users can complete one-stop services from pile finding, navigation, online payment, and peripheral service search on Gaode charging map. (Zhang Jun)