Gear King! Kirin 820 blesses, Honor 30S accelerates 5G penetration

On March 30, the 2020 Honor opening year, the United States "Core" Health Honor 30S officially launched in the form of online cloud release. The Honor 30S debuts with the latest generation of self-developed 5G SoC chip Kirin 820, which has three super strengths of super 5G, super performance and super video. This is the first time Huawei has given Honor to the flagship chip.

Honorary President Zhao Ming said, "The Kirin 820 is a generation of 5G God U. We hope to build the Honor 30S equipped with Kirin 820 as the industry's first truly iconic model that can accelerate the popularization of the 5G mobile phone market. Dimensional blow, set off a storm of 5G popularity "," The Honor 30S not only brings more comprehensive 5G flagship experience to more young people in advance, but also a milestone product that allows more users to experience the leading technology in the 5G era. "

The S series of the Honor Digital series has established the product concept of "young trend flagship" since its inception, and interpreted its youthful and beautiful characteristics with its unique and innovative products. Honor 30S is the pioneer of the 2020 flagship Honor 30 series. The powerful and outstanding Honor 30S also has a price of 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM for 2399 yuan (USD $343) , and 8GB RAM + 256GB ROM for 2699 yuan (USD $386) . It will not only stop the tide, but also lead the 5G replacement boom.

With the release of Honor 30S, the strongest and most beautiful mobile phone in the industry, the Honor of 5G players in the entire industry chain officially launched the first round of 5G mobile phone competition and kicked off the 5G year of 2020.

Prepared, technology is the foundation card against industry risks

On June 6, 2019, 5G licenses were issued and the 5G track was officially opened. 5G and the accompanying application needs and scenarios have accelerated the innovation of the mobile phone industry and stimulated consumers' desire for replacement. As far as the industry is concerned, a blue ocean is in sight, but with it, industry competition has also escalated sharply. Coupled with the impact of the epidemic in 2020, the mobile phone industry accelerated its overall decline. The fierce competition in the industry and the sudden global epidemic are important for all mobile phone manufacturers to boost market confidence and stimulate user demand for replacement.

In Honor's opinion, technology is the basic hole card against industry risks. This not only makes Honor among the thousands of horses, the February market share of China's sales volume broke into the second in the industry, but also gives them the confidence to calmly layout in the market shock.

Compared with the 4G communication era, 5G mobile phones are more in a trend of systematic competition. From chip to hardware to software and service comprehensive experience, mobile phone brands will have a more three-dimensional full industry chain PK. Whoever has a more complete 5G industry chain capability and a deeper understanding of 5G applications will take the initiative in the market.

Honor's investment in technological innovation and research and development has never been lax, and it has a supply chain management capability that is much higher than industry standards. In addition, it has a reserve and accurate judgment in business decisions, allowing Honor to have its own switching between 4G and 5G. Precise judgment and rhythm.

In the competition of the entire 5G industry chain, the core competitiveness is the chip. The chip not only determines the upper limit of the performance of the 5G mobile phone, but also affects the 5G communication ability, AI ability, heating performance and energy consumption performance of the mobile phone. Honor shares Huawei's core technology and quality standards with Huawei's 5G capabilities across the entire industry chain including communications, chips, terminals, application ecology, and cloud services. With the release of the Honor 30S equipped with a generation of 5G God U Kirin 820, Huawei's full-scale 5G chip layout has been further improved. This is also the first time Huawei has given Honor to the launch of a flagship chip.

Zhao Ming said: "For the industry market, Honor has always been pre-judgment and preparation. Some people say that Honor 30S is a dark horse in the opening 5G mobile phone market. What you see is a dark horse, but we are actually a well-prepared Maxima. "As the pioneer of the 2020 flagship Honor 30 series, the first launch of the Kirin 820 Honor 30S is using the unstoppable crushing potential energy to start the first shot of the full-scale war of 5G mobile phones, injecting huge variables into the 5G mobile phone market competition.

Pioneer of 5G trend, set off a storm of 5G mobile phone market penetration

Entering 2020, the industry's 5G flagship mobile phone prices will generally rise, and there are two main reasons behind the price increase. One is passive factors, including the hard increase of supply chain hardware costs driven by 5G baseband, heat dissipation, chips, patents, etc., and the other is the initiative of manufacturers, hoping to earn a brand premium and increase profit margins by impacting high-end markets.

From the perspective of Honor, high-end is not a slogan, nor is it a high price, nor is it a marketing gimmick. It is based on the deep insights of consumer needs, and comes with products with leading self-developed technology, unique ID design, and extreme user experience. Honor has always insisted on using products to speak. "Price is a systematic reflection of value. If the value is not reached, forcibly setting a high price is to hit yourself."

In contrast, the practice of Honor, taking the Honor 30S as an example, this product is based on the core autonomous processor capabilities. The Kirin 820 ’s CPU, GPU, and NPU performance are fully upgraded to bring a better gaming experience in the same gear, and the AI performance world. Leading, can be called "the smartest 5G mobile phone in the gear"; In addition, it has the first 64-megapixel full-focus AI four-shot in the Honor model, and is also the first to be equipped with a 3X optical zoom lens in the same gear. ISP5.0 brings flagship image capabilities, allowing users to enjoy high-definition image shooting in the 5G era.

At the level of the communication experience that users have the deepest perception of 5G mobile phones, the Honor 30S brings the flagship 5G experience, which can be defined in four dimensions: 5G anti-interference ability, bringing stable and high-speed business experience to users; through AI Intelligent dispatching technology achieves better 5G energy efficiency ratio; comprehensively improved 5G network search capabilities, "fast network search" and "stable network stability"; support Huawei's exclusive smart dual-card function, bring exclusive 5G dual-card experience, call Entertainment is right.

With deep insights into user needs and thoughtful consideration of strategy, Honor 30S entered the market with the most intensive battle situation, the most intensive release models, and the highest proportion of users. It has the strongest comprehensive strength in the same gear. Unsurprisingly became the first real explosion in the 5G mobile phone market this year. "We welcome others to use us as anchor points, which just proves our own positioning and value." Zhao Ming said.

What is the value of Honor? Specific to the Honor 30S product, that is to allow more users to enjoy more mature 5G communications in advance, more intelligent AI, a "ministry" in place, and enjoy the fast 5G flagship experience. Specifically for the Honor brand, that is to continue to explore the direction of innovation for science and technology, and explore the fun of innovation for users.

The release of Honor 30S will not only activate the 5G mobile phone consumer market dragged down by the epidemic situation and insufficient replacement bonuses, but will also boost the potential energy, inject confidence into the industry, and open a storm of 5G mobile phone market popularity. At the same time, it also allows Honor to firmly grasp the strategic opportunity to enter the new era and seize the commanding heights in the unprecedented turbulence period of the current 5G mobile phone market order reconstruction period.

Focus on the actual experience of 5G users

In 2019, Honor put forward the "Rui Technology" strategy, focusing on core technological innovation, and meeting the changing needs of young people with high quality. Zhao Ming said that Honor will continue to tap the deep needs of young people, strongly support business and applications based on young people's scenes, and continue to create more cutting-edge technologies that young people love, and create comprehensive 5G solutions for young people.

At this conference, the "Honor Sharp Technology Lab", which is derived from the strategic layout of Rui Technology, was also officially announced. The launch of this laboratory is an important part of Honor's technology strategy. Facing the dilemma of the mobile phone industry, global countercurrents, and past model failures, Honor has seized the key to independent research and development and technological self-reliance. It will rely on a large research and development team to actively cooperate with universities to provide more mobile phone performance upgrades High-quality solutions, continue to convey to users the scientific ingenuity and love for games.

Implemented on the Honor 30S, Xiong Junmin, Vice President of the Honor Business Department, said on the eve of the release of the Honor 30S, "The Honor 30S is powerful and speaks with actual experience." , AI (self-developed architecture NPU), games (Kirin Gaming + 2.0) and other application potentials, bringing users double the speed of data transmission, game signal strength, game audiovisual experience.

Taking the Honor 30S as a new starting point, Honor has occupied the leading position on the 5G track

The external environment is unpredictable, but adhere to innovation, quality and consumer-centric services, continue to cultivate internal skills, continue to create hard-core products to attract consumers, and let Honor find a brand-defined development path in the uncertainties. Unsurprisingly became the head player of the Chinese mobile phone market.

Honor 30S, the "core" work, continues to write the story of Honor conquering the market with three elements of cutting-edge technology, extreme quality, and super product power. The Honor 30S, as the first model of the Honor 30 series, showed the mobile phone industry and users a stronger Honor strength. Facing the upcoming Honor 30 series, Zhao Ming gave extremely high evaluation and great confidence. He said that the Honor 30 The series is a Honor "second-level rocket" strategy and one of the four outstanding links. It bears the arduous responsibility of "honor" orbital change. It is the first technology summit product under the Honor second-level rocket strategy and will fully meet the global consumer's Demand, so the Honor 30 series is very beautiful in terms of aesthetic value, image strength, and user experience. It has enough technical peaking strength, which can be said to be full of confidence. It can be seen that the Honor 30 series is very worth looking forward to, which will surely bring shock surprises to the industry and bring a new user experience to users.

With Honor 30S as a new starting point, Honor is arousing in-depth "fusion" with the attitude of user companions, industry leaders and market reapers, forming a stronger market penetration and influence, occupying a leading position on the 5G track .

On March 30 at 21:00, the Honor 30S series will fully open the deposit pre-sale. It will be officially launched at Huawei Mall and online authorized e-commerce platforms at 10.08 on April 7. On April 10 at 10:08 in Honor Authorized experience store officially opened for sale.

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