Geekbench rearranges the ranking of several mobile phones suspected of “swiping points”

Geekbench, a world-renowned sub platform, updated the Android mobile phone test rankings and released an exclusion list (suspected of & ldquo; swiping & rdquo; being cancelled). There are seven smartphones in the list, including many popular models.

According to the statement of Geekbench, the scores of these mobile phones are not in the standard mode, but in the non-standard mode (manual intervention or fraud), which is not in line with the test standard, so they are excluded from the database.

A660202 (geekbench exclusion list)

However, at present, we can only confirm that Huawei mobile phones only run points in non-standard mode, and it is not sure whether there is cheating. Maybe it’s because the new test load mechanism of geekbench 5 conflicts with the optimization mechanism of Huawei mobile phones. For example, Huawei’s model was taken off the shelves by 3D mark last year. Huawei said: after AI algorithm of Huawei’s mobile phone recognizes the running software, it will adaptively turn on the “performance mode” to output the best performance.