Geely announced the new mid-size SUV, Xingyue L will be released at the Shanghai Auto Show

With the improvement of product strength, consumers’ recognition of domestic cars is getting higher and higher. As long as the model does not have very big shortcomings and the price is reasonable, basically there is no need to worry about sales. Geely released the A+ sedan Xingrui built on the CMA platform in November last year. Now the monthly sales volume has exceeded 15,000, which is a very good result for a new car.

This year, Geely intends to make persistent efforts. With the sedan, let’s get an SUV. Some time ago, Geely announced an SUV model code-named KX11, which is also built on the CMA platform and will be released at the Shanghai Auto Show.

Today, Geely officially announced the name of this KX11 SUV is Xingyue L, and announced renderings of the exterior and interior. It shows that the bigger the car is than the star, it is expected to be close to the size of a mid-size SUV.

Xingyue L looks very big at first glance, and the straight waterfall-style center grid at the front of the car makes people think that it is the XC60 with the standard change. The headlights are similar to Xingrui, and the daytime running lights are three-stage light sources. The L-shaped chrome decoration on both sides makes the entire front of the car look very large.

The rear Xingyue L does not adopt an excessively slippery back shape, which can ensure enough headroom. The taillights of the car are penetrating and still very textured.

The interior is the main selling point of Xingyue L. Who would have imagined that Geely could use two-tone leather in its hundreds of thousands of SUVs to show its luxury.

According to the information, the body size of Xingyue L is 4770×1895×1689mm, and the wheelbase reaches 2845mm, which can be regarded as a typical medium SUV size. How much do you think this car can sell for? I think it’s very fragrant to land within 170,000.