General Manager of China Mobile: While building 5G, ensure that 4G network service does not decline

On November 26, according to Sina Technology, at the main forum of the 2020 World 5G Conference today, Dong Xin, general manager of China Mobile, said in a keynote speech that while building 5G, ensure that 4G network services do not decline.

He revealed that China Mobile has completed and opened 385,000 5G base stations, including 50,000 in Guangdong, covering prefecture-level cities and key counties and 90 million 5G users.

In 2021, China Mobile will achieve good 5G coverage in cities, counties, and some key towns across the country. Dong Xin also specifically mentioned that while building 5G, it is necessary to ensure that 4G network services do not decline.

Prior to this, at the 2020 China Mobile Global Partner Conference held today, Yang Jie, Chairman of China Mobile Group, said that as of now, China Mobile has exceeded its annual 5G construction target, providing 5G for all prefecture-level cities and some key counties across the country. service.

It is reported that China Mobile has built the world's largest 5G SA network. In addition, China Mobile has more than 100 million 5G package users, and 5G network coverage and user scale are both the world's largest.