Generation 12 core will adopt a new 10nm + process

It was reported on July 28 that Intel’s 7Nm process was delayed at the meeting last week, which led to the decline of Intel’s share price. However, the 10nm process seems to be progressing smoothly. It is officially confirmed that the 12 generation alder Lake core processor to be launched next year will adopt 10nm + + Technology.

Intel has iterated the three generation processes of 14nm, 14nm + and 14nm + + at 14nm node. Similar roadmap has been published before 10nm. There will also be three generation processes of 10nm, 10nm + and 10nm + +. Ice lake is the first generation of 10nm, and tiger lake this year is 10nm + process. Alder lake, the third-generation 10nm process client product, will be released in 2021, while sapphire rapids, the server processor, is the second-generation 10nm process, namely 10nm +. The technology of the server version is one generation behind the current ice lake sp for tiger lake. It is estimated that the capacity of 10nm + + is still insufficient. Of course, it may be related to performance. The server CPU does not need extreme single core performance.

According to previous news, Lakefield with four cores and five cores is just an attempt. Intel is introducing this concept into the field of desktop and notebook. It is expected that alder Lake 12 generation core, which will be launched in the next year, will fully adopt the design of large and small cores.