Generation Z young people's first choice for Vlog shooting artifact, Honor 50 series will be on sale soon

What is the experience of having a 5G flagship mobile phone that meets the needs of one-stop personalized vlog video shooting? This question may be raised before June 16, and there may not be a standard answer, but with the Honor 50 series on June 16 After the official release, this problem will be solved.

Adhering to the highly recognizable advanced design concept of the Honor Digital Series of past generations, as well as the powerful hardware configuration foundation and the blessing of many unexpected innovative functions, the newly released Honor 50 series comes with an eye-catching physique. The machine has a lot of finishing touches in the body design, hardware performance, system functions and many other aspects.

However, it is particularly worth mentioning that the comprehensive image strength of the Honor 50 series is very capable. Officials call it “a one-stop vlog video shooting artifact.” This is because the Honor Digital series has always been known for its powerful imaging capabilities. Honor 10 brings 24 million AI photography, Honor 20 Pro brings 48 million AI four-shot at all focal lengths, and Honor 30 brings 50 million ultra-sensitive four-shots.

The newly released Honor 50 series also has an insight into the changes in the needs of today’s generation Z young people, and has launched an innovative Vlog video shooting program. This is because the young people born in the 00s, who are known as the “post-waves”, have a wild imagination since childhood, and they are keen to use Vlog to record their beautiful life.

As a professional vlog mobile phone, the Honor 50 series, which can directly compete in imagery, is the first to impress young people in terms of appearance.

In addition to the introduction of four-color different styles of the body, the Honor 50 series camera design also gives the main lens outer ring ring style decorative elements, which allows the mobile phone to be held in the hand to shoot, it can be unique and vivid. Individual aesthetic style.

The Honor 50 series first provides the best portrait focal length of 18mm on the front camera, and the 32 million ultra-clear pixel lens is sufficient to meet the needs of Vlog shooting in various environments.

In particular, the Honor 50 Pro front Vlog dual camera also supports AI wide-angle intelligent switching, super night scene and other functions, which can adapt to various scene shooting needs. The Honor 50 series camera comes with a multi-lens video function, which can turn on the front and rear cameras at the same time and record on the same screen, which greatly enriches the options for shooting.

In addition to the powerful front lens, the official treats the Honor 50 SE, Honor 50, and Honor 50 Pro equally. All three models are equipped with a 100-megapixel high-definition main camera lens that supports 9-in-1 shooting, equivalent to 2.1 micron pixels, and sensor The main camera with a size of 1/1.52 inches and an aperture of f/1.9 ensures the final image quality to a great extent.

Thanks to the official full and comprehensive repeated adjustments to the rear lens, the Honor 50 series can restore the most authentic proofs or image effects whether it is taking photos or shooting videos.

In order to let young people enjoy a relaxed and convenient one-stop shooting experience, the Honor 50 series has also been specially optimized for the cumbersome steps required to shoot Vlog. The operation interface is extremely simple and easy to get started.

What deserves strong praise is that the materials can be recorded together during the shooting process, and there is no need to edit again in one-stop filming, bringing the “one-stop Vlog video shooting” experience to young people.

In response to the on-site high-definition radio requirements during Vlog video shooting, the Honor 50 series has also worked hard in this regard. The body is equipped with multiple microphones to maximize centralized radio and ensure the clear and three-dimensional vlog sound effect.

In addition, the Honor 50 series with wireless headphones such as Honor Earbuds 2 SE can realize TWS remote high-quality wireless recording during the Bluetooth connection process, which greatly avoids the on-site sound pickup and wind noise interference that may be encountered during shooting. Environmental sound problems.


Nowadays, it is not easy to shoot a high-quality Vlog short video. The Honor 50 series is equipped with a powerful lens combination and based on the multi-channel video architecture function to fully mobilize the software and hardware coordination capabilities. By operating the video shooting function page, users can finally enjoy a powerful integrated image experience.

In other words, through technological innovation, the Honor 50 series provides generation Z young people with a more convenient operation, richer modes, and more powerful Vlog shooting experience, allowing young people to realize the freedom of Vlog shooting while increasing their creative skills. The interest and enthusiasm of quality short videos has become the best Vlog shooting artifact for young people.

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