German ingenuity! Metz sculpture 1 TV stationed in China

The smart TV market has now entered the majority of families, not only in terms of configuration or core, but also different styles and the same thing. Recently, Metz, a century-old luxury TV brand originating from Germany, officially landed in the Chinese market, and launched the world’s first luxury TV product-Metz Sculpture 1, which is also a deep experience for Chinese users as smart TVs are developing today. Brought a century of craftsmanship spirit.

This Metz Sculpture 1 TV pursues the concept of minimalism in appearance design and user experience. It has specially designed hidden body wiring, which abandons the cumbersome operation of traditional TV remote controls and maintains the integrity of the appearance to the greatest extent. Minimize unnecessary keystrokes. The TV not only has a sophisticated design in appearance, but also pursues the ultimate technology in the production process. The TV uses aerospace-grade aluminum CNC integrated molding technology, and selects customized complete aluminum ingots, base and external The audio cabinets are all CNC integrated.

In addition, when the TV is turned on, the slim main screen of the TV will rise slowly, gradually revealing the speakers with exquisite surface treatment and the exclusive secondary screen that represents the classic design of Metz. In terms of image quality, the TV is equipped with a 4K 120Hz OLED self-luminous screen, a Chameleon AI image quality chip, 3D LUT manual adjustment, film-level color correction algorithm, 120Hz MEMC dynamic image compensation technology, Dolby Vision technology, etc., compared with the current Smart TV has the functions of this TV.

In terms of sound quality, the TV is equipped with 3.1 Hi-Fi audio, 5.8G WiSA international audio transmission solution, Dolby Atmos, uniformly oriented diffusion technology, etc. The sound quality is clean, crisp, and distortion-free. How can such a TV made with ingenuity not be exciting?