Get together? It is reported that many mobile phone manufacturers will launch folding screen phones next year

Folding screens have received a high degree of attention since the official commercial use due to the innovation in the form of mobile phone screens. However, due to issues such as craftsmanship and quality control, the price of folding screens is very high, and currently only Samsung’s Galaxy Fold series have achieved this. Mass production can bring a more reliable experience. But now it seems that this situation may be about to change.

According to Ross Young, the founder and chief analyst of Display Search and DSCC, the mobile phone market will usher in a large wave of folding screen phones in the second half of 2021, and many manufacturers will launch their own folding screen phones.

Ross Young said that Samsung will bring at least three folding screen phones in the second half of next year, but there is no Samsung Z Fold Lite that has been rumored before. At the same time, Google will also bring a folding phone with a model of “BTW”. As for our domestic manufacturers, OPPO, vivo and Xiaomi will also launch a total of four folding screen phones.

▲ Picture source LetsGo Digital

Ross Young is so affirmed because the specifications related to these upcoming folding screen phones are already in the latest DSCC foldable report. It is expected that they will soon bring a detailed report to detail the foldable next year. Screen mobile phone information.

In fact, for the research on folding screens, the patents related to folding screen mobile phones of OPPO, Xiaomi and other manufacturers have already been published. Among them, OPPO will adopt the folding solution of metal biaxial hinges and gears. In addition, there are related news that Huawei will also bring a new folding screen mobile phone, named “Mate V”, or adopt an inward-folding design similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold.

If the news that Ross Young said is true, we will indeed see more folding screen mobile phones next year, and interested students can look forward to it.