Global sales of Redmi Note series exceeded 140 million units! Note8 series sell well

According to official news from Redmi, on November 19, the brand announced that the global sales of the Note series exceeded 140 million units, and the Note8 series became the world's second best-selling model in 2020H1.

Global sales of Redmi Note series exceed 140 million units

Mobile China noted that the 140 million sales data comes from the Xiaomi data platform, which is the cumulative sales as of November 18, 2020; the Note8 series sales data comes from the Omdia data report.

@Redmi红米手机 stated on Weibo that Note, as Redmi’s ace series, has always used the most touching price to allow more people to enjoy more pioneering technology. Thank you Note fans for their 7 years of recognition. With your support, Redmi can persist in love!

Weibing Lu Weibo

It is worth mentioning that Lu Weibing, general manager of the Redmi brand, previously summarized the reasons for Redmi’s progress and achievements in the past two years, mainly for persistence: technology inclusiveness, aiming to serve 70% of the world’s 7 billion population; dare to leapfrog technology, Persist in the popularization of high-end technology; adhere to high-quality, bucket machines, and the ultimate cost-effective.

In addition, there are reports that the Redmi Note9 series may be released on November 24, when three new phones will be unveiled together. Combined with Lu Weibing's recent Weibo behavior to warm up the new machine, the Note9 series is likely to be released in the near future, we may as well wait and see.