Honor 30 series Qixi Festival limited gift box: wonderful gift, romantic cup full

Qixi Festival is approaching, and it is estimated that many male friends are worried about choosing Valentine’s Day gifts. How to make the other half feel surprised and pleasantly surprised? It is especially important to choose a good gift. Today, the editor recommends to everyone that the Honor 30 series launches the Qixi limited gift box designed by Fauvism.

I believe that most male friends give their spouse gifts, usually lipsticks, perfumes and bags, which are often lacking in new ideas. On such a romantic festival as Tanabata, giving gifts is also implicit and can help you express your love. Honor 30 series Chinese Valentine’s Day limited gift box, including: a beautiful smelly face lipstick, a rose immortal flower and an image love letter card. Among them, the rose immortal flower is full of strong romantic feelings, and there are image love letter cards, which use more imagery pictures instead of language to help you convey feelings. In general, this Qixi limited gift box is very special.

The Honor 30 series Qixi limited gift box will be launched on August 21, when you buy the Honor 30 series, you will have a chance to win. For this reason, the official of Honor also gave the gift box acquisition strategy very intimately.

It is worth mentioning that the Honor 30 series is also a good choice for gifts. Not only does it have a wild face value, but also supports super-sensitivity and 50 times super stable telephoto and other extraordinary image performance. It must be matched with the Qixi limited gift box. Excellent gift. Next, I will take everyone to briefly understand the Honor 30 series.

High-value color design, trendy and romantic

The appearance design of the Honor 30 series has many remarkable points, especially the trend-setting color design, which has won a large number of users’ praise once it went on the market. The Honor 30 series has five color matching designs: Night Black, Wizard of Oz, Streamer Magic Mirror, Neon Violet and Titanium Silver, each of which is quite dynamic and fashionable.

On Valentine’s Day, I strongly recommend the color matching of the streamer magic mirror. In fact, the Honor 30 series Qixi limited gift box is also designed according to this color scheme. The color used is the dawn color, which is close to the gradual color of the sky at dawn. This color scheme is very special, not only has a variety of color combinations, And on the glass body, viewing from different angles will show different textures, the light and shadow color intersect, very beautiful and romantic.

At the same time, the Honor 30 series streamer magic mirror is still a popular color this year. It can be matched with various daily wears. It will be a big focus when you hold it in your hand. As part of the gift, I believe you can definitely get the other half. Heart.

Extraordinary images, use photos to record romantic moments

In the Qixi Festival limited gift box, the Honor 30 series has prepared an image love letter, which aims to encourage everyone to express their affection through images. In terms of imaging, the Honor 30 series is Honor’s strongest imaging flagship so far. It is not only equipped with the industry’s largest 1/1.28-inch sensor super-sensitive camera, but also comes standard with an innovative periscope telephoto camera with the highest performance. Achieve 50 times super stable telephoto.

In other words, whether it is day or night, close-up or long-distance, the Honor 30 series can easily help you record in high definition. I believe that using the Honor 30 series can help lovers better record the romantic moments in daily life. For example, during the solar eclipse some time ago, some people took advantage of the 50x ultra-telephoto of the Honor 30 series to record photos of the solar eclipse, and expressed their love to the other half with this pair of “gold and silver rings.”

(This is a photo of multiple meteors aligning the stack according to the star points)

In addition to recording the solar eclipse, the Honor 30 series also completed many extreme imaging challenges, such as the recently completed Perseid meteor shower, which permanently recorded the fleeting beauty. In addition, I have successfully taken makeup photos for the zodiac signs before. These are very romantic. You can also use the extraordinary images of the Honor 30 series to give the other half a starry sky.

Powerful performance, spend all kinds of warm moments together

In addition to the immortal appearance and extraordinary image performance, the Honor 30 series is also a flagship model with excellent overall performance, equipped with Huawei’s top Kirin 990 5G chip. Not only is the performance excellent, it runs various large-scale games smoothly, so you can accompany him sweetly to open the black top score.

In addition, it is also equipped with a high-definition 6.57-inch waterfall screen with a 70-degree golden curvature, and supports NSA/SA dual-mode full Netcom network. Both hardware and network speed have reached the first-class experience level, allowing you to watch love together. Dou’s live broadcast, or a sweet show together.

All in all, the Honor 30 series is a model with high appearance, excellent image performance and powerful comprehensive performance. Taking it as a gift is one of the good choices.

At present, the Honor 30 series is under profit promotion, and the maximum discount is 410 yuan (USD $59) , supporting 24 interest-free periods. Here is a warm reminder: from August 21st to 25th, you can win the Qixi Festival limited gift box by purchasing the Honor 30 series models.

It is also worth mentioning that Honor is currently working with Yu’ebao to hold the “Star Original Free Bill” event. Searching on Alipay for “Star Wish Free Bill” gives you a chance to win a lottery to win the 30 most innovative and popular new products like Honor to take home for free! There are also Li Xian’s surroundings and the 13145.20 red envelope award!

And friends who have purchased the Honor 30 series models, don’t forget that you can also participate in Honor’s recently launched “Image Love Letter” activity. Try to use photos to express your love to your spouse. This will not only gain the love of your spouse, but also There is also a chance to win the Honor 30 mobile phone and the Qixi Festival limited gift box.