Honor 30 surprises open, fans help unlock Li Xian’s birthday gift

On October 16, @Honor Mobile Official Wei released a surprise event for Happy Ben "Xian" birthday unlock. Judging from the official activity guide map, unlocking benefits can be described as very rich.

Beautiful run "Xian", the honor invites you to celebrate Li Xian's birthday

From October 16th to 18th, when you search for "Li Xian's birthday" on JD.com, you can enter the birthday page created by Honor for Li Xian to help unlock Li Xian's birthday gift pack. When the corresponding help value is reached, the corresponding pet "Xian" gift package will be opened, including Li Xian's customized theme, Li Xian's birthday APP opening advertisement, Xian Ge's exclusive birthday gift package, etc. When the assist value reaches 1.019 million, Honor will also select 520 lucky IDs to draw into a map and give it to Li Xian! Fans of Li Xian who participated in the event will have the opportunity to get the Honor 30 Pro Li Xian signature version, signed posters, and gifts such as the Honor 30 Pro Li Xian's signature version, a poster, and Li Xian's customized gift packages.

Because Teletubbies are very enthusiastic to participate in the event, Honor Mobile will also release an event egg to give Li Xian a birthday surprise.

In addition, the editor also found in the official flagship store of JD Honor that it was opened simultaneously with the birthday of Honor Fashion ambassador Li Xian, and the PLUS member of the Honor JD flagship store. PLUS members at ease purchase activity: purchase designated models to give PLUS members & Tencent Video VIP package, PLUS users who purchase designated models can also enjoy the three major services of 30-day worry-free refund, white bar interest-free, and broken screen insurance, and enjoy exclusive PLUS discounts on popular products such as the Honor 30 series up to 300 yuan (USD $43) ! There are also a limited amount of 1018 yuan (USD $145) gift coupons without threshold, Cao Cao's travel package and other multiple benefits.

The current brother has the same model of the Honor 30 series, with both appearance and strength, it is a moment of love

On the occasion of Li Xian’s birthday, the Honor 30 series and JD Honor PlUS Member’s Day were launched simultaneously, and the children of Tian Xian celebrated Li Xian’s birthday, which was unprecedented. The Honor 30 series gives the JD PlUS member rights with a maximum discount of 300 yuan (USD $43) , which arouses the warm expectations of Tianxian babies. As Li Xian's daily use machine, the Honor 30 series, like Li Xian, has a superb appearance and a strong comprehensive strength, which is very worthy of the Teletubbies.

As a fashion ambassador for Honor Trends, Li Xian has shot multiple sets of fashion LOOK blockbusters for the Honor 30 series, highlighting its trendy attributes. One of the main color schemes of the Honor 30 series, "Titanium Empty Silver", has continued to sell well since its launch, setting off a silver storm. Its back cover uses the subtle and delicate AG frosting process, and the silver contains purple, full of futuristic sense. Especially its back cover, innovatively added avant-garde large LOGO elements, very recognizable, and can show the user's confidence. Li Xian holds the Honor 30 series titanium empty silver, whether it is a white moonlight boy, a black mature man style, or a pink gentle boy, silver-based cool boy, full of charm.

The color matching of the "streaming magic mirror" of the Honor 30 series is also deeply loved by Li Xian. This color matching back cover uses a high-brightness mirror surface technology, which can reflect everything in the world, the color changes with light and shadow, and the mirror surface changes with the flow of the world. Tianxian babies hold the Honor 30 series streamer mirror in their hands, just like Li Xian, every reflection is a brand new mirror, and every dreamy moment defines a more perfect self.

Beiying School Gate, photographed by Li Xian

Li Xian is also a photography enthusiast. In its Honor 30 series album, there is not only a breath of life, but also full of his own thinking. When he came to Beiying, his alma mater, Li now fixed the gate with the Honor 30 series. Despite the dark night, the photos obtained by the Honor 30 series are still very clear and the details are very rich.

Honor 30 series align stack shots by star point

This is due to the fact that the entire Honor 30 series has a super-large photosensitive "outsole" main camera, as well as a super-large unit pixel size, coupled with an exclusive RYYB filter, which can have a strong photosensitive ability. Teletubbies have the Honor 30 series and can easily capture the beauty of night.

Super Moon, taken by Li Hyun

In addition, Li Xian also used the Honor 30 series to chase the super moon and freeze romantic moments. The obtained moon photos are accurately exposed and have sharp contours. The craters on the moon are faintly visible. Li Xian also used the 50x super stable telephoto of the Honor 30 series to bring the moon closer in the picture, making the picture more contagious.

Beijing Corner Tower, photo by @PapaJames

Dunhuang, shot by Zhang Bin

The Honor 30 series is equipped with 50x ultra-stable telephoto as standard, and is equipped with dual-structure OIS optical image stabilization, AF drive motor, and AI telephoto super anti-shake algorithm, telephoto image quality enhancement algorithm, which can ensure high-magnification zoom shooting It also makes the picture stable and clear. Just past the Mid-Autumn Festival, many photographers brought the Honor 30 series to record the beautiful scenery of the full moon in many places in China.

Qinghai, Conan Two Three Three

With the four-in-one system-level imaging capability of super large bottom + super pixels + super light sensitivity + super telephoto, the Honor 30 series breaks the shackles of time and space on mobile phone images, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of light and shadow anytime, anywhere. Of course, the excellence of the Honor 30 series is not only reflected in the appearance and imaging capabilities. It also has strong performance, and the Kirin flagship series chips on board have reached the industry-leading level in performance, energy efficiency, and AI computing power. The Honor 30 Pro and Honor 30 Pro+ are equipped with a VC liquid cooling system, which can operate in a high-performance state for a long time; with dual stereo speakers, they can provide a more realistic and immersive sound experience in the audiovisual and gaming experience. The exclusive smooth communication function can make high-definition video calls up to 1080P with other Huawei/Honor devices. Whether it is a dark light or a poor network quality scene, the portrait can still be kept clear.

So Teletubbies, if you also want to own the Honor 30 series of Li Xian, then remember to search for "Li Xian's Birthday" to help unlock birthday surprises. At the same time, you can also go to the official flagship store of Honor Jingdong to participate in the JD Honor PLUS membership day event to get rich Gift rights!