Honor game package exposure, using a new logo, beyond the imagination of the experience

Today, Zhao Ming, President of Honor, warmed up the Honor game book on Weibo, suggesting that Honor game would have more fighting experience than expected. Honor old bear in the micro blog out of Honor Game Book packaging, and said first internal test to see how much beyond imagination.

According to the picture shared by Honor old bear, the outer box of Honor game book is printed with “honor Hunter” and a cool logo, which are consistent with the design manuscript of the suspected Honor Game Book previously exposed. The logo exposed previously appeared on the Honor Hunter Game router, which belongs to the game series. Honor game is likely to use this logo.

According to the previously exposed design manuscript, the Honor game book also adopts a similar gem cutting process, adding the muscle rich lines of the super run engine cover on the a side of the notebook, and integrating the hyperrun design elements into the air outlet, which makes the overall style more cool and personalized.

According to the network access information of the suspected Honor game book, the Honor game book may be equipped with a power adapter with a maximum power of 200W. In terms of performance, Honor game may have used high-performance AMD processor and AMD independent graphics card, which can provide strong game performance support.

Honor game book may be released in August, so far no more relevant information has been exposed. Interested friends can continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports.