Honor Global Design Competition 2021 is officially launched, inviting you to explore the true essence of aesthetics

Recently, in the anticipation of many people, the aesthetic feast of the global design community-[HONOR Talents Global Design Competition 2021] has finally kicked off! This competition is adhering to the design concept of Honor and innovation first, and aims to be talented for the world , Thoughtful and inspired young designers build a stage to showcase their design talents, create an international creative platform that can talk to the world’s top design masters and communicate with outstanding designers in the circle, and will provide a global Honor user experience An artistic feast of the archaic mortar.


[HONOR Talents Honor Global Design Competition 2021] Main Vision

Honor held the first [HONOR Talents Global Design Competition 2020] last year, and received thousands of submissions from more than 40 countries and regions. Among them, the wonderful award-winning works are customized as exclusive wallpapers of the Honor 50 series, and they are simultaneously put on the official theme store, so that more users can see and put them into use, and bring art and beauty to everyone.


[HONOR Talents Global Design Competition 2020] Winning works (partial)

This [HONOR Talents Honor Global Design Competition 2021] based on the experience of last year’s competition, added more submission tracks, and set up more generous prize pools and honor projects, and sent warm invitations to global creators to encourage Everyone actively participates, discovers and creates beauty together. At the just-concluded Honor 50 series new product launch conference, Honor CEO Mr. Zhao Ming took this opportunity to extend a warm invitation to young designers around the world, “Honor hopes to always encourage young people around the world to grow together, initiated by Honor [HONOR Talents Honor Global Design Competition] has attracted the participation of many talented designers. This year we look forward to the [HONOR Talents Honor Global Design Competition 2021] competition to stimulate the creative potential of more young people!”


National treasure-level judges sit at the professional level and are fully qualified

This year, the competition jury continued the first top standard, but it was slightly different. After the strong invitation of the organizing committee, Professor Wang Xiaohui, an internationally influential master artist, joined the jury. Professor Wang Xiaohui once taught at the world-class top universities in Germany, Munich University of Technology and School of Architecture, and was listed by Hong Kong’s “Phoenix Weekly”. One of the fifty Chinese who influence the future of the world has won the Athena Award, becoming the first Chinese woman to win the Global Outstanding Women Award in 35 years. As one of the representatives of cross-disciplinary artists, Professor Wang Xiaohui has made a lot of achievements. He is not only engaged in the field of architecture, but also involved in photography, sculpture, design, new media, writing, film, lighting art and other fields. Therefore, he is known as the best in China. One of the famous crossover artists.


Professor Wang Xiaohui

In addition, the two master judges of last year’s competition continued to stand in support of this year. They are Professor Xiao Yong, the chief designer of the 2008 Beijing Olympic medals, and Professor Yuan Youmin of the China Academy of Art, who produced the emblem of the Hangzhou G20 Summit.


The national treasure-level master sits on the jury and instantly pulls the professional level of the competition to its fullest. Participants will have the opportunity to have face-to-face exchanges and cooperation with various big names from the global design field, as well as the top guests of Honor.

Senior design celebrities take the lead in launching the “first shot” of the competition

The works of art handed down to the world have always originated from life. “Art comes from life”, and design is no exception. 【Honor Global Design Competition 2021】With the theme of “What you see is beautiful”, it aims to allow designers to capture life inspiration while presenting inspiration in their design works. Han Wen, the co-founder and creative director of the Chinese style designer brand of Secret Fan, who served as a judge last year, will continue to contribute to the competition this year as a guest designer. As the first marchers of this competition, the specially invited design team will create brand-new works to ignite the creativity and enthusiasm of global participants, thereby attracting more and more outstanding designers and creative people at home and abroad to join this competition. In the competition.



HONOR Talents Honor Global Design Competition 2021 Special Invited Works Flower and Bird Seeking Fairy Series “Xianlu” (1)



HONOR Talents Honor Global Design Competition 2021 Special Invited Works “Water and Moon” (2)



HONOR Talents Honor Global Design Competition 2021 Special Invited Works Flower and Bird Seeking Fairy Series: “Butterfly” (3)

Honors and bonuses fly together to inspire designers’ creative passion

This year’s competition has set up 4 major submission tracks, namely mobile phone themes, mobile wallpaper, watch design, and open design. The winning works may be applied to Honor terminal products and peripherals, and will be logged in the Honor Global Press Conference. A total of 17 awards have been set up, with a prize pool of RMB 700,000+. The winners will receive a certificate from the industry’s top judges and the official platform of the Honor brand. Not only that, the winners can also get the Honor PASS card, which can go straight to the final face of the recruitment of Honor Design Post. In addition, the winner’s personal brand will continue to be exposed, covering more than 100 mainstream media in different industries and channels, and will be exposed to hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide.

Generous bonuses, open creative themes, diverse submission tracks, and opportunities to communicate and cooperate with industry leaders that must not be missed, what are you waiting for, come to the official website of Honor to sign up, let your creation be more People see that the official product design of the next generation of Honor may be yours. Designers can go to the official website of Honor or follow the topic of #HONOR Talents# on Weibo to submit their entries.

[HONOR Talents Honor Global Design Competition 2021] Break the boundaries of form and region, and provide a platform for all people who are good at capturing creative inspiration and life aesthetics, and transform the fleeting aura or beautiful moments of life into visible and visible Circulated works of art. Let every aesthetic instantly appear on the paper. Beauty knows no boundaries, “what you see is beautiful”!