Honor “Jedi police” special training camp popular

On August 15, the special training camp of honor “Jedi combat police” was held in Shijiazhuang offline experience store. In conjunction with the movie “Jedi warlords: fast pursuit”, which was released on August 14, this time, cleverly combined the plot of the movie with its Honor tablet V6 and other intelligent products, and set up a wonderful and interesting breakthrough activity, presenting a live science and Technology Entertainment feast for many young people who come to experience it. On the day of the event, if you purchase the specified products in the event store, you will have the opportunity to get free tickets or theater charter benefits. You may also get the movie ticket or mysterious gift bag for Jedi warlords.

With the reopening of cinemas across the country, young people are enthusiastic about watching movies. The popular Hollywood blockbuster, the Jedi police: fast pursuit, has received a warm response from the fans for its powerful racing, gun fighting and blasting scenes. The special training camp of honor “Jedi police” set up with the background of the movie plot has carefully designed three breakthrough tasks of “suspect’s portrait, file transfer, and image capture and evidence collection”. The experiencer needs to enter the camp as a new combat police, and use “high-tech” equipment such as Honor tablet V6, Honor 30 Youth Edition and Honor X10 Max to complete the challenge.

On the opening day of the special training camp, many young people were attracted to participate in the activities. In the test, the “combat power” of the Honor plate V6, which was launched with the main equipment, was fully opened. With its excellent performance of intelligence, portability and high efficiency, it left a deep impression on the Experiencers. Among them, in the task of “portrait of the suspect”, the new police should quickly draw the portrait of the suspect on the Honor tablet V6 according to the description of the suspect’s appearance, and make use of the characteristics of Honor magic pencil’s accurate strokes and creation at any time, so as to help lock in the target. Next, through the multi screen collaborative function of Honor tablet V6, and with the Honor 30 mobile phone, the “file transfer” can be completed successfully in a short time. In addition, there are two new Honor products on the scene, namely, the Honor 30 Youth Edition with beauty and strength, which has successfully completed the capture task through 48 million full scene AI three camera; this year’s only 5g video large screen mobile phone Honor max, with symmetrical dual speakers, RGBW technology and movie level color gamut, brings comprehensive immersive audio and video experience to the experience. Many Experiencers said that the special training activities of the new police officers let them have a more intuitive understanding of the product performance and experienced the outstanding “creativity, exploration and observation” of the products.

Due to the excellent performance in this special training experience, the Honor plate V6 reaped many young fans. This flagship tablet product, which mainly focuses on “Chaomei creativity”, adopts 10.4-inch 2K full screen, passes the low blue light certification of German Rhine and eye protection certification of National Eye Engineering Center, and cooperates with self-developed histen6.1 3D stereo sound technology to create a higher quality audio-visual feast for users. In addition, as the world’s first tablet product supporting 5g and Wi Fi 6 at the same time, Honor tablet V6 is equipped with Kirin 985 flagship chip and self-developed Wi Fi 6 + chip, with lower power consumption and stronger performance, making it a hot spot in the tablet Market in 2020.

In addition, with the strong product configuration and smooth use experience, Honor tablet V6 has gained a good reputation since its launch. In July this year, Honor tablet V6, together with Wang Zuo Zhongyou, the “character play” group, launched a campaign to solicit key words in 2020. Netizens were invited to participate in the activity in the form of handwritten characters. The video was cut in combination with pear video to create a moving moment in the first half of 2020. It was praised and spread by the people’s daily, China news network, China Chang’an network and other major media, which triggered the public’s appreciation of the era background and technological innovation Discussion and reflection. What’s more, the “postcard to the world” drawn by young illustrators and the original song “red Ling” adapted by famous composers have witnessed the powerful creativity of Honor tablet V6 and won wide attention from the media and netizens.

Overall, the Honor tablet V6 brings together wi fi 6 +, 5g transmission, multi screen collaboration, parallel vision and many other fashion experiences are a highly competitive tablet product. In this interactive activity of “Jedi combat police” offline experience store, Honor United Film IP can output product functions closer to young people and more scene based, and convey brand value, so that consumers can more intuitively feel the extraordinary creation of Honor tablet V6 power. We are looking forward to your future use of the more functional experience of the Honor tablet V6.