Honor tablet V6 5g goes on sale tomorrow: Kirin 985 and Wi Fi 6+

At 0:00 on July 31, 5g version of Honor flat plate V6 titanium empty silver (6GB ram + 128GB ROM) will be officially launched for sale on Huawei mall, Jingdong, tmall, Suning e-buy and Honor personal selection platforms. The official price is 3199 yuan (USD $457) . Users who have participated in the pre-sale will enjoy a discount of 100 yuan (USD $14) , and the price will be 3099 yuan (USD $443) . Those who are interested should not miss the opportunity to start.

Now, with 5g and Wi Fi 6 gradually put into commercial use, mobile phones, tablet computers and other hardware also ushered in a new round of upgrading. In this context, as the world’s first tablet product supporting 5g and Wi Fi 6 at the same time, the appearance of Honor tablet V6 naturally attracted the keen attention of many young consumers and became a hot spot in the tablet Market in 2020.

From the overall point of view, the special feature of the Honor plate V6 lies in its unique design ideas and hard core configuration. As a new flagship flat panel product launched by Honor in 2020, Honor tablet V6 carries Kirin 985 flagship chip and self-developed Wi Fi 6 + chip, supports 160MHz ultra wideband and dynamic narrow bandwidth technology, and achieves a faster and stronger technical breakthrough in data transmission. At the same time, Honor plate V6 adopts 10.4-inch 2K full screen, which has passed the low blue light certification of German Rhine and eye protection certification of National Eye Engineering Center. With the self-developed histen6.1 3D stereo sound technology, it has created a higher quality audio-visual feast for users.

As a powerful productivity tool, Honor tablet V6 provides users with a wealth of practical functions, such as multi screen collaboration can easily interact with mobile phone tablet, smart split screen can freely switch multi tasks on the same screen, parallel view can activate horizontal screen ecology, etc. Especially when users use the Honor mobile phone to take pictures and videos, they can quickly transfer the materials to the Honor tablet V6 through the multi screen collaborative function, and then use the tablet for image beautification and video editing, which breaks the barriers between devices and provides more possibilities for the realization of creativity. These not only give full play to the efficient cooperation of the software and hardware of the Honor tablet V6, but also meet the various needs of young people in the creation. Not long ago, Honor tablet V6 cooperated with young illustrators to draw “postcard to the world”, as well as the original song “Chiling” adapted by youth composer Honor tablet V6, and vlog of travel filmmakers, etc., which let users intuitively feel the fashion and creativity of Honor tablet V6.

With this series of differentiated product competitiveness, Honor tablet V6 not only first sold more than 10000 units on the whole platform on 618 this year, becoming the double champion of sales volume of Android Tablet category in the 2000-3000 price segment of Jingdong & amp; tmall dual platform, and has also achieved good results in the use of household registration. Combined with the creativity of the product itself and the sense of mission and responsibility of contemporary young people, Honor tablet V6 joined hands with Wang Zuo Zhongyou, the “character play” group, to launch a campaign to solicit key words in 2020. Netizens were invited to participate in the activity in the form of handwritten characters. The video clips of touching moments in the first half of 2020 were created in combination with pear video. 100 human fireworks stories in the first half of 2020 were reviewed and deduced Create the key word. Through this emotional in-depth communication, the content has won extensive attention from the media and netizens. It has not only triggered the active diffusion of authoritative media such as the police and the people’s daily, China chang’an.com, and the procuratorial daily, but also been reprinted by the official micro blog of the people’s daily, and was ranked the top of the microblog hot search list of the day.

It can be said that with the double blessing of hard core strength and Chaomei creativity, Honor tablet V6 won both sales and word-of-mouth once it was listed, and quickly became a hot product with highly differentiated competitiveness in the tablet field. Now, with the official launch of 5g titanium air silver, Honor plate V6 also provides more and more Chaomei choices for the majority of users. Tomorrow, Honor tablet V6 titanium air silver 5g version will be officially sold on Huawei mall, Jingdong, tmall, Suning e-buy and Honor’s personal selection platforms. Now, you can enjoy 100 yuan (USD $14) and 50 yuan discount for purchasing the 6GB ram + 64GB ROM and 6GB ram + 128GB ROM of the Honor tablet V6 Wi Fi version. In addition, Honor tablet 6 and Honor tablet X6 have also announced the listing information in recent years. Interested friends can pay attention to the official micro news of Honor in real time, so don’t miss the opportunity to start!