Honor Wisdom Life Double Eleven Battle Report: the best of 11 HONOR Life

This year’s Double Eleven can be said to have come to an end, and it’s time for everyone to report on the battle. Of course, Honor is no exception. Under the 1+8+N strategy, we can see that Honor has achieved very good results in Bands, watches, smart screens, tablets, notebooks and other products this year. The Honor Band 6 that has just been launched soon becomes Honor. Life’s most-selling product, and Honor Smart Screen has become the highest-selling product of Honor Life, and other smart life products have also achieved good results.

The official Weibo of Honor Smart Life officially announced the double eleven battle report early this morning. This time the report is also quite interesting. The 11 major HONOR Life categories around the Honor life category produced the most, including the most sales, the fastest growth, and the most favored generation of Z. And so on, and the sales of Honor Pro-selection on November 1-11 increased by 150% year-on-year. According to the data of these reports, it can be seen that Honor Smart Life’s products are sought after by young users. Let's take a look at the detailed report of the Honor.

The first is Honor Band 6, which was launched by Honor earlier. It became HONOR Life’s most-selling product shortly after its launch. Honor Band 6 is Honor’s first full-screen Band, bringing a 64% high-screen ratio, based on comprehensive Screen, Honor Band 6 not only brings a larger operating range, but also enriches the functions of Honor Band 6. With powerful detection functions, you can grasp various physical conditions in real time and provide more Kind of sports mode.

Honor has put forward five standards for smart screens, and the Honor Smart Screen X1 55 inches, which is based on the five standards of smart screens, has become the product with the highest sales. As Honor’s new benchmark large screen, the Honor Smart Screen X1 series has received a lot of praise from users as soon as it was launched. With the leapfrog configuration, it has brought users a comprehensive upgrade of the large screen experience, and also allowed the Honor Smart Screen to be obtained during the Double Eleven. Industry's eye-catching sales performance.

Let's take a look at some interesting data. 45% of users who buy Honor notebooks are 18-23 years old, and 98.3% of users are digital experts, making Honor notebooks the favorite in the Z era. 43% of the users who buy the Honor tablet are married and have children, and 40% of the users are between 25-35 years old. It can be seen that the Honor tablet is the favorite of young parents. For products such as routers, it may be a male patent, but according to the data released by Honor, 60% of female users purchase Honor routers. 34% of users who buy Honor watches often go to travel, and 27.74% of users also like to go out. It can be seen that users of Honor watches are the least expensive. This year's Double Eleven has contributed half of the sales of Honor Bands to users in the coastal provinces of Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, and Zhejiang. 64.83% of the cooking experts who purchase the user’s smart screen are as high as 64.83%.

In terms of Honor Pro selection, 35% of users who bought Honor Pro Super Sensing Fascia Gun also bought protein powder, which shows that these users are also quite self-disciplined. One-third of the users who bought the Honor Pro-choice Antibacterial Vacuum Cleaner are senior cat slaves. It seems that this vacuum cleaner also loves cats the most.

In addition, Honor Watch 2 also won the double champion of single product limit and sales of smart watches within 1,000 yuan (USD $143) on the day of 11.11 on JD.com, Tmall, and Suning. For wearable products, Honor is also quite strong in this regard. Strength, coupled with young and fashionable design and high cost performance, has become a product sought after by young users.

Under the 1+8+N strategy, Honor Smart Life products achieved very good sales results during Double Eleven. With outstanding product strength and technological leadership, it creates an ecology for young people and makes life better.